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! This article is about the minor character, Melinda. For the sister of Sam Puckett, see Melanie Puckett.

"Did you guys have a fun day with Nona?"
— Melinda to Chloe and Max.

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Dancing near an airport[1]

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Chloe (daughter)
Max (older son)
Darby (younger son)

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Christina Hogue

Melinda is a character on Sam & Cat. She's the mother of Chloe, Max and Darby.


Melinda arrives at the end of #Pilot at Apartment 22 to pick up her kids from babysitting. She realizes that Sam and Cat took care of her children, not Nona. Nevertheless, Chloe and Max tell her that they had a great time and that Sam and Cat are great babysitters. She then pays them $150.



Chloe, Max, and Darby

Chloe, Max, and Darby are Melinda's children.

Sam and Cat

Sam and Cat babysat Melinda's children. Melinda trusts both girls as they got to babysit her kids more than once.



  • Auditions for this character were held in production for the first episode of the show, along with a limo driver, food truck worker, and an elderly man.[2]
  • The name for this character was first incorrectly printed as Melanie.
  • Chloe and Max mention that she dances near the airport in the sneak peak. This was removed from the premiere.
  • She appeared once, but she still interacts with Sam and Cat off-screen. As proof, they still babysit her kids in future episodes.


  1. This was originally mentioned in #Pilot as seen in a sneak peek but was cut out of the episode.
  2. JustJennette - Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande start filming the Sam & Cat pilot
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