"Here's your tea!"
— Mindy talking to Cat in PeezyB

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Cat Valentine


Sam Puckett (one-sided, on Sam's side)


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Lauren Hope

Mindy is a minor character on Sam & Cat, only making one appearance in the episode PeezyB.

After Cat is sick of Sam not being around to help her babysit, Sam arrives home to find Mindy hanging out with Cat, with Mindy handing Cat a cup of her tea then heading to the kitchen to make cookies. Cat explains that Mindy was there for her while Sam wasn't. Even so, Sam orders Cat to get Mindy out of the house, and when she refuses, Sam walks over to Mindy and pinches her in the elbow to knock her unconscious.

Peezy and his assistant Bunny then arrive to take Sam on another mission. Sam then realises how her actions have been affecting Cat and thus quits being Peezy's assistant. Peezy asks where he would be able to find a new assistant, and Cat suggests Mindy as she makes good tea. Bunny then picks up the unconscious Mindy and leaves with Peezy.


Mindy is shown to be the polar opposite of Sam: sweet, caring, kind and helpful. She seems as though she'd always be there for a friend, unlike how Sam was acting in this episode.


Cat Valentine: Mindy and Cat seem to be good friends, as Cat introduces her as her friend and Mindy has no problem helping Cat with babysitting and helping her out. Cat is initially upset when Sam knocks Mindy out, which makes her cry. However, her mood shifts up right when Sam makes time to help Cat, and offers the unconscious Mindy to be Peezy's new assisstant. She isn't shown to be sad at all when Peezy and Bunny leave the house with Mindy.

Sam Puckett: Sam despised Mindy almost immediately after seeing her for the first time, as Mindy feels like a replacement babysitter to her, and her attitude and behaviour is the complete opposite of Sam. After Cat refuses to kick Mindy out of the house, Sam goes into the kitchen and knocks Mindy out within a few seconds. She does not care about Mindy, sarcastically asking Cat who would make the tea, with Mindy on the floor.

PeezyB: After the events of the episode, Mindy is decided to be Peezy's new assistant (without her knowledge). It is unknown what happened to her after the episode.


Mindy: Can I get you some hot tea?

Mindy: I love kids. Here's your tea!
Cat: You are so sweet!
Mindy: I'm gonna make you some cookies!

Sam: Hey Mindy.
Mindy: Hi!
Sam: Let me see your elbow.
Mindy: Oh sure! Why, do you want to see my elbow?
Sam: [pinches Mindy's elbow] Goodnight, Mindy.
Mindy: But it's not my bedtime... [drops unconscious]


  • PeezyB was Mindy's only appearance on the show.


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