"Happy Halloween."
— Mr. Drange's last line

Mr. Drange
Mr. Drange
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Venice, Los Angeles, California

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Dark brown

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Clarice Drange (daughter)


Clarice being called a doll

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Tom Schmid

Mr. Drange is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is the father of Clarice Drange, a living doll.


He arrived at Apartment 22 to drop off Clarice. Sam and Cat were immediately creeped by him because of his creepy behavior. They got even more creeped out when he got Clarice, who was a doll. He gave Clarice to Cat and left.

He came back to get Clarice but then asked Sam and Cat if they wanted to earn more money and listen to some music. The girls were delighted that they would get to listen to Del DeVille but were disappointed that they had to take Clarice with them. They readily agreed.

After the concert, he came back to get Clarice. After he asked Clarice a question, Cat confronted him that Clarice was a doll and told him to stop because he was scaring everyone. He was offended and told Clarice that it was time to leave. Clarice turned into a living girl and ran to him. Mr. Drange and Clarice left, saying "Happy Halloween".


He is very creepy and strange. He can also make


Clarice Drange

Mr. Drange and his daughter Clarice have a very close father-daughter relationship.



Mr. Drange: Hello, it is me, Mr. Drange.

Mr. Drange: Well! I can see we are no longer welcome here. And according to my pocket watch, it is past our bedtime. Come along, Clarice.


  • He's the only parent who has a doll child.
  • He uses a pocket watch.
  • He is one of the major parents in the series.


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