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Murf in NewGoat.jpg
Animal Goat
Color Dark brown
Eater Herbivore
Owner(s) Dice Corleone
First appearance #NewGoat

Murf is a goat who debuted in #NewGoat. He was babysat by Sam and Cat.


Dice bought him for $40 from a man in an alley because he thought it was a coat. Because he had school, he asked Sam to babysit the goat for him. While goat-sitting, Sam named him Murf after the sound goats make. Dilben came in and told her rudely that goats weren't allowed in the apartment, only cats and small dogs. Sam attempted to lie through it, but Dilben said no. Sam finally switches around his clothes and steals his cape and kicks him out. Later, Murf, Sam, and Cat go to Punchy's where Dice's new fighter Goomer is training. Cat tries to stop the men from fighting because she thought it was wrong. Then Sam discovers that Dilben is the landlord's son and that her actions could cost her and Cat the apartment. Dilben comes back later and sees that Murf is still there. He also finds out that Sam and Cat are living alone without a legal adult. Sam then kicks him out, switching his clothes and stealing his cape again in the process. Before Dilben comes back again, Murf has to hide in the shower but comes out. Dice puts him back, getting sneezed on in the process, then runs out. After the girls attempted to trick Dilben with Goomer as their uncle and fail, Murf runs out. Then Dilben's real dad comes in and reveals that what Dilben's been saying is a lie. Dilben's fake father runs away and Sam kicks out both Dilben and his father with their clothes switched and Dilben's cape gone. Then Murf sneezes on Goomer.


Murf doesn't seem to be very smart as he kept getting out of the shower and into the living room even though he was supposed to stay in the shower.



Dice is Murf's current owner. At first, Dice didn't like being stuck with a goat but still didn't want to lose him because it violates the rules.




  • According to Dilben, Murf shouldn't be in the apartment, but it turned out Dilben is not the landlord's son, so Murf can stay in the apartment.
  • He has sneezed on two people, Dice and Goomer.
  • Sam and Cat babysit him for Dice sometimes.
  • Goomer thinks Murf is a dog.
  • Murf is the only animal that has appeared more than once.