— Nevel correcting Cat.

Nevel Papperman
Nevel in Sam & Cat
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Nevel Amadeus Papperman


Nibbles (by Cat)




December 29

Resides in

Seattle, Washington

Physical description
Hair color


Personal information

Ms. Papperman (Mother)


Gibby Gibson


iCarly (Sam formerly)


Mr. Tibbals (his pet)


Gibby's replica head

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Portrayed by

Reed Alexander

Nevel Amadeus Papperman is a character on Sam & Cat. He is a continued character from iCarly and has appeared in #SuperPsycho.



Nevel was an enemy of Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson since Carly refused to kiss him in his debut appearance. Ever since then, he has tried to sabotage iCarly, but was stopped every time.


Sometime after Sam left Seattle, his mother brought him to Los Angeles to a sick hospital because his pet porcupine Mr. Tibbals infected him with a virus. Sam and Cat came to the hospital he was locked in because they were seeking help to find Dice and save him from Nora Dershlit. Nevel gave them clues to find the former, such as the donkey sauce, which came from Aloha Burgers, and that the best way to hide someone was in an abandoned house.

As Sam and Cat left, he begged them to get him out of the hospital. He is then shown to have broken out of the Hospital. Later, after Dice has been saved, he phoned Sam and told her that he is out and was having a friend for lunch. In reality, he was having lunch with a friend, which turned out to be Gibby.


Nevel is very old-fashioned when it comes to manners and words. He likes saying, "You'll rue the day!" or some other variation of him and calls his mom Mother. He is also a master of deduction, having found out Nona's hiding spot using his intellect and the clues presented to him. He is also very observant, having noticed that Cat is dumber than Gibby himself.


Sam Puckett

They were enemies at first since Nevel was always trying to sabotage iCarly, but when Dice was kidnapped by Nora, Sam had no choice but to turn to Nevel for help.

Cat Valentine

Nevel found Cat a "pretty redhead" but soon found her annoying as she called him "Nibbles" and made a dumb conclusion about a donkey eating a hamburger because of the donkey sauce. He then remarked that she made Gibby look like a genius.

Gibby Gibson

They were enemies at first since Nevel was always trying to sabotage iCarly, but after Dice was saved from Nora, the two of them went to have lunch together, along with Gibby's head replica.



Nevel: Okay, this girl makes Gibby seem like a genius.
Nevel: Ooh! But we're splitting the check three ways.
Nevel: You'll rue this day, you'll rue it ! Oh wait, I keep forgetting I'm supposed to be helping you


  • His middle name, Amadeus, is also the middle name of Butler Torso.
  • Even though he was an antagonist for every of his iCarly appearances except two ("iChristmas" and "iPity the Nevel"), he doesn't have an antagonist role in Sam & Cat.


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