"I assume you don't have a prison record."
— Nona to Sam

A promotional picture of Nona
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Resides in

Los Angeles, California
Elderly Acres

Physical description
Hair color

Redhead (Wig)

Eye color


Personal information

Cat Valentine (granddaughter)
Unnamed grandson (Cat's brother)
Unnamed daughter/daughter-in-law
Unnamed son/son-in-law


Sam Puckett
Dice Corleone


Gwen and Ruby
Chloe and Max


Toilet Wars
Brain Crush


Babysitting crazy kids

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Portrayed by

Maree Cheatham
Jim Stephan (stunt double)

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Nona is a recurring character in Sam & Cat. She's Cat Valentine's wacky grandma.[1]She's always around when Cat and Sam need her, but with her new life at Elderly Acres, she can party all day and meet new friends, which keeps her happily busy.

Nona is portrayed by Maree Cheatham.[2]


Nona has a cheerful and caring personality along with a wild side, she is fun-loving and young at heart.



  • Cat mentioned Nona in a scene of the Victorious episode, "Star-Spangled Tori." 
    Cat and Nona sitting beside each other

    Nona with her granddaughter.

  • She lives in Venice, California.
    • Cat assumed that she lived in Venice, Italy based on the city's name.
  • The character is named "Nona" because that's what Ariana Grande, actress who plays Cat, calls her own grandmother in real life.[3]
  • Nona used to babysit for the kids in her building before she moved to Elderly Acres.
  • She likes to tell endless stories of her past, often annoying Cat and her friends.
  • As seen in #Pilot, she often sleepwalks and does things inadvertently at night.
  • She lived in what is now an apartment belonging to Sam and Cat for a very short amount of time In the show
  • She is the only original character of the show that was mentioned in another show Cat was also used in
  • Nona's real name has not yet been mentioned.
  • Nona, spelled Nonna, is Italian for grandma.
  • Nona has been absent for majority of the episodes.
  • It is revealed in the #Pilot by Cat that whenever Nona laughs she pees a little.
  • In #FavoriteShow it was implied she's a great cook.
  • She wrote a song about a big thermometer she saw as revealed in #ToddlerClimbing.
  • It is most likely that she is currently not married because a husband of Nona has not been mentioned or seen.
  • She loves the fictional TV show Toilet Wars.
  • She has a low tolerance for spices.
  • Nona can speak Japanese.
  • Cat has a tendency to expose embarrassing secrets about her like she pees when she laughs and her butt was sore from the hard stools.
  • Nona dated a man named Nipsey Russel.
  • Nona lived in Buffalo, New York right after she graduated from college, while she was dating a professional basketball player, called Bob McAdoo.
  • She is the only non-main character to be listed with the main characters on the official website.
  • She is Cat's first and only family member to be seen in the show.
  • She wears a wig, as shown in #DroneBabyDrone.
  • In #BlooperEpisode, Maree is credited as Nona, even if she played herself.
  • Nona is the only protagonist who didn't meet Randy.
  • Nona is the only protagonist that doesn't have a Lil' version of herself in The Lil' Sam & Cat Show.