"I assume you don't have a prison record."
Nona upon meeting Sam.

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Nona and Sam Puckett are both characters of Sam & Cat, and they are friends. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Sona (S/am and N/ona) or Nam (N/ona and S/am). Because of a large age gap, this pairing is for friendship speculation only.

See Jennette and Maree for the real-life pairing of Jennette McCurdy and Maree Cheatham, the actresses who portray Sam Puckett and Nona, respectively.


Season 1


  • Sam took Nona to Elderly Acres.
  • Nona asked Sam to take her to Elderly Acres to live there.
  • Nona let Sam stay at the apartment overnight.
  • Nona let Sam stay with Cat.


  • Sam went to Elderly Acres to force Nona to sign a form of community service for 4 hours a month for her school.
  • Sam helped Nona make her bingo game exciting.
  • Nona signed Sam's paper for her online school at the end.
  • Nona told Sam that the elders left while she was doing "Extreme Bingo".


  • Sam, along with Cat, talked to Nona about tricking Dilben and his father into thinking she and Cat are really living with someone over 18.
  • Nona agreed to pretend she's moving back in the apartment in order to trick Dilben into thinking Sam and Cat live with someone over 18.
  • Sam (and Cat) were worried when Nona got hurt.
  • Sam told Cat to use her phone to call Doctor Stanky so he can check on Nona.



  • Sam makes a joke about Nona's appearance.
  • Both like Toilet Wars.
  • They watch the commercial together.
  • Nona learns in this episode that Sam has a criminal record.


  • Up until now Sam has never called Nona over.
  • Nona was comfortable talking to Sam about her past.
  • Nona tells Sam about her ex boyfriends.
  • Sam loves Nona's meatball recipe.
  • Nona could tell from the way Sam acted that Sam only asked her over so Nona could make her meatballs.


  • Nona comes to see Sam's stunt.


  • Nona and Sam (along with Cat, Dice, and Goomer) celebrate Yay Day.


  • Sam gets Nona (along with everyone else) out of their addiction to Brain Crush.


  • Both sprayed Dice with the hose.


  • Sam and Nona become roommates
  • Sam enjoyed Nona's company because she made her lunch, did her laundry, and babysat for her
  • When Cat gets arrested, Nona stays with Sam for two weeks

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Nona: [sprays Dice with the hose] I may be old, but who's wet? Yep, you.

Sam: [takes the hose Nona has] Hey, uh, let me check this thing out here. Yep. [sprays Dice with it] It works.

Nona: Uh, sure. I assume you don't have a prison record.
Sam: Yeah, you assume that.


  • They seem to be get along well.
  • Sam didn't know what a "Nona" was before Cat told her.
  • Nona wasn't aware than Sam has a criminal history when she first meet her in #Pilot. She learns it in #BabysittingCommercial.
  • Sam seems to respect Nona's authority more than other adults, such as in #TheBritBrats.
  • Both speak Japanese, as shown by #OscarTheOuch and #BrainCrush.
  • Sam was shown to like Nona's cooking, like in #MadAboutShoe and #GettinWiggy.