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! This article is about the character Nora Dershlit. For the character of Cat's grandmother, see Nona.

"I have revenge to seek, and to seek it I will."
— Nora while going to escape from prison.

Nora Dershlit
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Nora Dershlit




June 4 [1]

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Olympia, Washington

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Dark brown

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Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit (parents)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine
Dice Corleone
Gibby Gibson
Carly Shay
Freddie Benson
Spencer Shay
Marissa Benson
Guppy Gibson


Fudge piles



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Danielle Morrow

Nora Dershlit is a recurring character from iCarly. She reappeared in Sam & Cat in the episode #SuperPsycho. She is portrayed by Danielle Morrow.



Nora was a lonely iCarly fan who was liked by no one. She kidnapped Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson after they arrived at her party before Gibby saved them. Later, it was asked to the iCarly members to give a sentence and they decided to forgive her, but she and her parents kidnapped them again, until Marissa Benson and T-Bo saved them.


She escaped prison and met Gibby Gibson, the iCarly gang's friend, at the movies where he gave her Sam's address. She then went down to LA and kidnapped Dice and took him to an abandoned house near Aloha Burgers. Cat arrived so Nora tricked her into coming into the basement and trapped her in the well with Dice. Sam then arrived and held Maurice, Nora's pet rooster, hostage until Nora would free Cat and Dice. Nora proposed to fight instead and lost quickly as she was pushed into the well and on top of Dice. The police later came and arrested her.


Nora Dershlit is a strange girl obsessed with the iCarly cast. In iCarly, she locked up the iCarly gang in her house two times. She seems to be socially awkward, and in iCarly, it is implied that Nora is unpopular and a loner. She appeared on Sam & Cat in #SuperPsycho with Gibby and Nevel.


Sam Puckett

Sam is enemies with Nora since Nora kidnapped her, Carly, and Freddie twice. Sam has managed to knock out Nora in both specials. Nora has wanted revenge on Sam. So she targeted Dice when Nora hears Sam talk about how much she loves Dice. Sam and Cat manage to find out where she is with the help of Nevel. Nora then tricks Cat into going down the well where Dice is. Then, Sam breaks in and threatens to eat Nora's chicken Maurice if Nora doesn't let Cat and Dice go. Nora instead wants to fight Sam. Sam easily manages to grab Nora's foot and push her down the well.

Cat Valentine

Nora probably doesn't think much of Cat, considering she was able to trick her into going inside her house without knowing it was her. She manages to toss Cat down the well to use as bait for Sam.

Dice Corleone

Also enemies with Nora, Dice was kidnapped by her to be used as bait for Sam to come over to her house. Nora saw how much Sam cared for Dice so she knew that Sam would come try and rescue him. Nora kept Dice inside a well in her house. She fell on top of him after Sam fought her and easily tossed her down the well.



Yay for days.
Los Angeles. [looks up]


  • She has a pet chicken which she calls Maurice. Though, Maurice is actually a hen, not a rooster. Nora may have named her pet chicken Maurice because she either didn't know the difference, or it's just an extension of her insanity.
  • All of her appearances have been done in specials mentioning the word "psycho".
  • She is also the antagonist in all of her appearances.
  • She was in prison for two years.
  • She has a car. It is currently unknown for what kind of car it is, but it looks like a 'Smart (automobile).'
  • She has a tattoo of Maurice.
  • She is imprisoned in a facility that is literally called 'Prison Somewhere Near Seattle'.


  1. iPsycho aired on June 4, 2010 and that was Nora's 16th birthday.