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"You're under arrest!"
— Officer Kelvin to Cat

Officer­ Kelvin
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Officer Kelvin is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is portrayed by Scott Baio.


He was at the Handy Quick, investigating the stolen ATM money when Cat and Sam went to the machine to get more money. Officer Kelvin caught them in the act so he arrested Cat. Sam begged him to arrest her, too, since Cat wouldn't be able to handle prison by herself. Since she didn't do anything wrong, Sam dumped a drink in his pants to get arrested. On the way to prison, a person speeds while driving. Officer Kelvin gives chase when it is realized that the driver is a criminal. Unfortunately, Kelvin takes the sleeping monkey pills from Cat and eats them and falls asleep. By the time he woke up, Sam had already beaten up the criminal. Back at the apartment, Kelvin asks the cashier whether he wants to press charges and he says no, but they owe him 4,000 bucks. Sam and Cat are worried until they found out that they won 5,000 bucks for catching the famous wanted criminal. To celebrate, everyone except Sam sings Cat's messed up version of "Take Me Down to the Ball Game".


He is very serious about the law and won't arrest anyone unless they broke the law.



Officer Kelvin: Because you didn't do anything wrong!


  • He's the second police officer to appear on the show. The first is Officer Bell.
  • He's the only character besides Goomer who was shown to drive a car.
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