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— Officer Bell finishing for Mrs. Merr

Officer Bell
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Officer Bell


Police officer

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Unnamed ex-wife (deceased)

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Bobby Neely[1]

Officer Bell is the police officer who arrested the thugs in #MommaGoomer. Mrs. Merr was shown to have a romantic interest in him after.


He came to arrest the thugs who attempted to mug Mrs. Merr but were beaten up by Goomer. Mrs. Merr started flirting with him and left with him.


He is serious about the law as he is a police officer.


Mrs. Merr

Mrs. Merr grew attracted to him when he arrested the muggers. It is possible that they started dating.



Mrs. Merr: Soo... Officer... [holds out her hand]
Officer Bell: [takes her hand] Bell.
Mrs. Merr: Bell. Mm. That has a nice ring to it.
Officer Bell: Well, thanks.
Mrs. Merr: [giggles] Well, speaking of rings, I don't see one on your wedding finger.
Officer Bell: No, Ma'am. You see, my wife, she, uh, passed away a few years back.
Mrs. Merr: Well, let's go talk about that! Maybe I can cheer you up.
Officer Bell: Okay.


  • He was the first police officer to appear on the show (the ones in #TheBritBrats were fake).
  • He may start dating Mrs. Merr.
  • He's a widower.
  • Bell may be a reference to Drake & Josh actor Drake Bell.


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