Animal Dog
Color Brown
Eater Carnivore
Owner(s) Dice
First appearance #BabysittingCommercial

Opee, formerly Cornelius, is a dog who debuted in #BabysittingCommercial. He is Dice's dog.



Back when Opee was Cornelius, he was owned by the Bigglys. Every year, he was forced to take part in the Winchester Dog Dancing Contest with the daughter Alexa and had to do ridiculous dance moves. Finally, he ran away six months prior to #BabysittingCommercial and was found by Dice.


Opee got to take part in Sam and Cat's babysitting commercial, which is how the Bigglys found him. They wanted him back so Opee had to choose who to stay with and he chose Dice. Angered, the Bigglys said that they will come back with a warrant and a policeman in 24 hours. The next day, after Sam and Cat bought a decoy dog, Opee was eating lasagna when the doorbell rang. Dice quickly took Opee to the back of the apartment while Sam and Cat gave the Bigglys the decoy dog. Later, Opee watched the dancing competition with Dice, Sam, and Cat on TV where Alexa got attacked by the decoy dog.


Opee is an innocent dog who wants to be loved. He loves Dice a lot and would rather be with him than the Bigglys.



Dice is Opee's current owner. Opee loves Dice a lot since the latter treated the former better than the Bigglys had.




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