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"Living life, trying new things, is worth getting a little hurt sometimes. And look at me! I'm all right. I'm still standing here, with my very own golf club!"

Season 1, Episode 14
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October 12, 2013

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Dan Schneider & Dave Malkoff


Russ Reinsel


2.148 million[1]

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#OscarTheOuch is the 14th episode of Sam & Cat.


The episode begins with Sam and Cat visiting Nona in Elderly Acres. They give her "stool softeners" (pillows which make chairs soft), which embarrasses Nona. They then proceed to give out pillows to several Elderly Acres residents.

Afterward in Elderly Acres, someone accidentally lets go of a motorized wheelchair which almost hits an old man who is trying to pick up his spilled pills. In the nick of time, Cat saves the old man by pushing him out of the way. The old man's daughter thanks Cat for saving her father's life. To promote Sam and Cat's babysitting business, Nona tells the old man's daughter that Sam and Cat are professional babysitters. After hearing Nona's statement, the old man's daughter doesn't know whether or not to let Sam and Cat to babysit her accident-prone child called Oscar. After discussing it with Sam and Cat, she agrees to let them babysit Oscar.

Oscar comes inside Sam and Cat's apartment to be babysat and then starts eating noodles on the floor. Cat then asks Oscar if he wants to do something fun and if he wants to go out to eat, to which Oscar declines in concern for his safety. Oscar then enters the bathroom and, to his dismay, gets stuck in the toilet while Cat prys him out and Sam stands there laughing.

While Sam, Cat, and Oscar are at Punchy's, Dice shows a young man how to successfully punch people when boxing. Because of this, Goomer believes that Dice is betraying him and gets somewhat offended. Oscar sees a gumball machine and excitedly purchases a gumball, but drops it and it rolls away. Oscar looks for the gumball and starts to grab it under a bench. Unfortunately, a man sits on the bench, which breaks it, nearly crushing Oscar.

Because of the incident, Sam and Cat put Oscar in protective gear they purchased from Punchy's, then leave and travel to Bots.

At Bots, Sam, Oscar, and Cat order nachos from Zerp, while another robot serves two snipers. Brody and other spear fishermans are coming with loaded spear guns, but it didn't hurt Oscar. Out of curiosity, Oscar asks why their nachos don't have as much cheese as the snipers' nachos do, so Sam and Cat call Bungle and tell him that they don't have enough cheese on their nachos. Instead of doing it herself, Bungle calls Tandy to do it. Tandy comes with a cheese gun and tells Sam and Cat to put their hands off the table, as the cheese is extremely hot. In an attempt to put more cheese on Sam, Oscar, and Cat's nachos, he misfires and accidentally sprays Oscar in the face with the cheese gun.

Later at Sam and Cat's apartment, Cat places a towel on his face which reveals that Oscar's face is badly burned. Cat then asks Oscar if he wants to do something else. Oscar says that he likes golf, so Cat, Dice, Goomer, and Sam bring Oscar to a golf club called "Drive Me Crazy". At the club, Oscar accidentally gets whacked in the face with many golf clubs.

At Sam and Cat's apartment, Oscar's mother is angry at Cat and Sam for not keeping Oscar safe. Oscar stands up for himself and says if it wasn't for Cat and Sam, he wouldn't have had the best day of his life. He announces that he got to go to the bathroom alone, he got to see a gumball machine, and he got to experience hot cheese on his face. After saying this, lightning strikes Oscar while Cat, Oscar's mother, and Sam stand in shock while the credits are displayed at the bottom left corner.[2]


Cat: But babysitting is supposed to make kids happy! Don't you wanna be happy?
Oscar: I don't know. What's it like?
Cat: Did you hear that?
Sam: You hear this? [snore]

Cat: [arriving at Elderly Acres with Sam] Nona! Look! Sam and I came here to see you!
Sam: I can't wait to leave. [waves her hand]

Oscar: I can also drink warm water out of this rubber cup.
Sam: [laughs]
Cat: Sam, it's not funny! It's sad!
Sam: Yeah. Hilariously sad.

Sam: We don't have enough cheese on our nachos.
Tandy: Cheese! [squirts cheese in Oscar's face]
Oscar: Ahhhh! Predicament! Predicament!

Cat: We didn't just ignore your rules.
Sam: We thought about them, then we ignored them.
Cat: Yeah.

Mrs. Lurkin: My son fell in a toilet, had a large man almost crush him, and got repeatedly whacked in the face with golf clubs!
Cat: Don't forget the hot cheese.
Sam: Got him right in the face.
Oscar: It's true.
Cat: But hey! At least the golf place gave him this free golf club.
Oscar: And all I had to do was sign a paper, promising not to sue!
Mrs. Lurkin: Oscar, go wait outside.
Oscar: But I think it's starting to rain-
Mrs. Lurkin: Just-
Oscar: Yes, ma'am. [goes outside]
Mrs. Lurkin: Well say something.
Sam: I ate your gross bag of noodles.
Cat: You shouldn't have said that.
Sam: Too late now.
Mrs. Lurkin: [goes outside] Come on Oscar, I'm taking you away from these irresponsible girls!
Oscar: No!
Mrs. Lurkin: What?
Oscar: First, you apologize to Sam and Cat.
Mrs. Lurkin: Apologize? For what?
Oscar: For shouting at them after they gave me the best day of my life. Yeah I got hurt, real bad, but for the first time of my life, I actually had fun.
Cat: We had fun with you too, Oscar.
Sam: Kinda.
Mrs. Lurkin: Oscar, what is your point?
Oscar: That living life trying new things is worth getting a little hurt sometimes.
Cat: Yeah, haven't you heard the 47 songs about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
Oscar: That's so true! And look at me! I'm alright. I'm still standing here, with my very own golf club! [sticks golf club in the air, lightning strikes it, electrically shocking Oscar] Ahhh! Predicament!! Predicament!!

Old people: [playing mahjong]
Old man: Let's see...three crack.
Nona: Oh! Two bam!
Old foreign lady: あなたはそれを行うことはできません!!!(You can't do that!!!)
Nona: What's your problem?
Old foreign lady: あなたがゲームを理解していない!!!(You don't understand the game!!!)
Nona: ただのゲームをプレイすると静かに!(Just play the game and be quiet!)

Cat: The other day you told Sam and me how the stools here at Elderly Acres are really hard, so when you sit on them they make your butt sore.
Nona: I never said that!
Old foreign lady: ハッハッハハッハッハ!あなたが痛いお尻を持っている!(Ahahahahahaha! You have a sore butt!)
Nona: あなたは、あなた自身のビジネスを気に!(You mind your own business!)

Sam: You like nachos?
Oscar: I don't know...they look risky.
Cat: They're fine!
Oscar: Are you sure? I yearn to be safe.
Cat: You're not gonna get hurt in a restaurant!
Man: Aw, man. My tarantula got out. Anybody see my tarantula? ... Big spider? ... About the size of my hand? ...... SUPER POISONOUS?!

Mrs. Lurkin: Thank you so much for pushing my father out of the way!
Cat: No problem, it was fun!
Sam: Nonsense, is there a reward?
Nona: SAM!
Cat: Sam, I saved him!
Sam: Yeah, but we're a team!
Mrs. Lurkin: What do you mean?
Nona: Well, my granddaughter Cat and her abrasive friend Sam here, are professional babysitters!
Sam: So there is a reward?
Nona: No! You know, you could get Sam and Cat to babysit your little Oscar.
Sam: Her little Oscar?
Mrs. Lurkin: Oscar is my little boy, and I could never leave him with a babysitter.
Cat: Why not?
Mrs. Lurkin: He's very clumsy, he's just always getting hurt!
Carl: He's an embarrassment to the family.
Cat: Oh, he's accident-prune?
Mrs. Lurkin: You mean accident-prone?
Cat: Nah, I'm pretty sure it's prune.
Carl: I like prunes. [silence] I'll wander off.

Carl: Here. For saving my life, please take this $100 bill.
Cat: Aw, I can't take that!
Sam: Yeah, she can't take that. [takes $100 bill]


  • This episode was in production from June 3 to June 7, 2013, the week of #Pilot's premiere.[3]
  • Nathan Kress visited the set during production on June 5, 2013.[4]
  • Elizabeth Gillies visited the set on June 7, 2013.[5]
  • This is the first episode that shows Sam & Cat's bathroom.
  • Like Cat, Oscar says "kay-kay".
  • Cat mispronounces unicorn as uni-e-corn.
  • This is the first time Dice and Goomer had an argument.
  • Ironically, Sam insisted on following Oscar's mom's rules while Cat wanted to defy them.
  • Kelly Clarkson's song, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" is mentioned in this episode.
  • When Nona was playing Mahjong in the first scene, she actually was playing against the rules, it's not allowed to play "two bam" over "three crack".
  • The picture frame that the elderly motor caused to fall was of Ariana Grande's grandfather
  • This is the first time the exterior of Bots was shown from a different angle.
  • This is the first appearance of Brody.
  • Joshua Carlon who portrayed Oscar would later portray as a main protagonist along with Jake Brennan as Butler, from an earlier episode, in Richie Rich.
  • In the UK, Oscar getting struck by lightning is cut. However, it still appears in BlooperEpisode.[citation needed]


Character revelations

  • This episode reveals Nona can speak Japanese.


  • Mrs. Lurkin said that Oscar was very clumsy, but Oscar's not clumsy; he just has very bad luck.
  • Tarantulas are not super poisonous. They're just poisonous, but they just have side effects.
    • However, depending on what kind of tarantula he had could be debatable. Why he would bring a poisonous tarantula in a fast-food restaurant and wasn't kicked out for it, is still unknown.
  • If Oscar got hit by lightning, he wouldn't be able to still stand up and say "predicament".
  • It is surprising that Sam and Cat were not fired after the way they treated Oscar.
  • When Mrs. Lurkin is chatting to Sam and Cat when she arrives to get Oscar, the couch slightly turns.

Running gags

  • Oscar getting hurt.
  • Oscar saying "predicament" whenever he is in a dangerous situation.

Series continuity

  • Cat was very quick and loud to tell Bungle they weren't done with their food. This is probably a reference to #BabysitterWar when Bungle took Cat's food when she wasn't done because Sam told her to.
  • Cat said she falls into the toilet all the time. This is a reference to #Pilot when Cat asked Nona what she should do if she falls into the toilet again.

International premieres

  • February 3, 2014 (Southeast Asia)
  • February 4, 2014 (Portugal)
  • February 15, 2014 (Netherlands, Latin America)
  • March 1, 2014 (Germany)