"Living life trying new things is worth getting a little hurt. And look at me! I'm alright. I'm still standing here, with my very own golf club!"
— Oscar to his mother.

Oscar Lurkin
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Oscar Lurkin



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Los Angeles, California

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Dark Brown

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Carl (grandfather)

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Portrayed by

Joshua Carlon[1]

Oscar Lurkin is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He first appeared in #OscarTheOuch.


Oscar is very accident prone, so he can only eat plain noodles with no sauce and no fork and drink water from a special cup. He also loves to watch golf on TV and gumballs, as he got a gumball from a gumball machine at Punchy's, but he dropped it and when he went to pick it up, a man sat on the bench Oscar was under and it broke on Oscar when he sat on it, then he accidentally sat on him.


Oscar is extremely accident prone. Bad things always happen to him. In #OscarTheOuch, he got his head stuck in a toilet, almost got crushed under a large man, got sprayed with hot cheese, hit with golf clubs, and got struck by lightning.


Mrs. Lurkin

Mrs. Lurkin is Oscar's mother. She is very over-protective of him, due to his bad luck. Their relationship is similar to the one of Freddie Benson and his mother, however, Mrs. Lurkin does it because from experience while Mrs. Benson does it out of fear.



Oscar: Can I please stand up and visit your bathroom?
Cat: Sure, you can.

Oscar: Predicament!!! Predicament!!!

Oscar: Living life trying new things is worth getting a little hurt. And look at me! I'm alright. I'm still standing here, with my very own golf club! (sticks golf club in the air, lightning strikes it, electrically shocking Oscar) Predicament!! Predicament!!


  • While being babysat by Sam and Cat, he falls in a toilet, got almost crushed by a large man sitting on him, got hit in the face with golf clubs, got squirted in the face with hot cheese, and got electrocuted by lightning in the sky with a golf club.
  • He appears to be pretty smart, yet he is accident-prone.
  • His mom's safety precautions are similar to Freddie's mom's, although Oscar's precautions seem to be more from experience while Freddie's are more from fear.
  • Every time Oscar gets into an accident he yells "Predicament!" until help comes.
  • His last name wasn't said in the episode. It is known because of the credits, where his mom is named Mrs. Lurkin.
  • Oscar has a friend named Felix.


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