Sam holding her PearPhone - TheBritBrats

Sam holding her PearPhone

The Pear Company is a parody of Apple Inc. It sells electronics, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. The Pear Company is also seen and mentioned in many of Dan Schneider's other shows, such as Victorious, Drake & Josh, iCarly, and Zoey 101.


The PearPhone is a touch phone and a parody of the iPhone. The PearPhone 6 is first introduced in #TheBritBrats, it is presumed to feature White/Silver as a new PearPhone color choice as white/silver PearPhones have not existed yet in the DanWarp universe.



Sam on her PearBook Air

Sam on her Bacon PearBook Air

The PearBook is a parody of the MacBook computers. It is first seen in #FavoriteShow, where Sam pretends to use it for online schooling. On Sam & Cat, Sam has a brand new PearBook Air.



PearPad mini

Sam on her PearPad mini

The PearPad is a parody of the iPad. It is first seen in #FavoriteShow, where Sam is looking up information about That's a Drag! on her PearPad Mini. PearPads are a big part of Bots and are featured in every episode where Bots is shown; PearPads in Bots are used as menus (presumably a special menu app downloaded on them)

  • In #NewGoat, we see Cat with a pink PearPad Mini while trying to find a home for their new goat.
  • In #BabysitterWar, we see it in Sam and Cat's bedroom. On Sam's wall was her red PearPad Mini and on Cat's wall was her pink PearPad.


  • Sam Puckett - Red
  • Cat Valentine -  Pink
  • Dice - Orange
  • Goomer - Black
  • Nona - Blue
  • Fresno Girl Dolls Store - Pink
  • Sherman (Zapathon Employee) - Black


An iPear is a desktop computer seen in #PeezyB in the background of Peezy B's office. It is also seen in iCarly and Victorious episodes as well.


  • In #FavoriteShow, Cat and Sam notice how they use BananaBooks in the show That's a Drag! because they can't use real PearBooks, poking fun at the fact that they also use parodies of real Apple products in Sam & Cat.
  • Gwen and Ruby's dad works for the Pear Company.
  • Replacing the Apple logo by a pear is a recurring joke in several TV shows, but it is usually not as much developed than the Schneider universe does with all their products.
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