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! This article is about the episode PeezyB. For the character, see Peezy B.

"You were mean to my friend, Cat, and you squished my ping pong ball!"
Sam to Peezy B.

Season 1, Episode 16
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November 2, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Paul Coy Allen [2]


3.016 million[3]

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#PeezyB[4] is the 16th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam is lying on the couch, putting ping pong balls in her mouth, spitting them out, and watching them land on the coffee table. Cat comes, dressed in a really snazzy outfit and says she doesn't know what Sam's doing, but she loves it. Sam explains. Cat then notices that the balls are getting stuck on the table because it was sticking to some sticky substance Sam had covered the table in. It turned out to be peanut butter. Sam says she put it there so that the balls won't roll off. Cat shows Sam the hat she was wearing. It said "hat" on it. Sam asks Cat why she's dressed that way and Cat says that it is because she's auditioning for the new music video for rapper, Peezy B. A ball Sam had just put in her mouth flew out and hit Cat in her right eye. Sam can't believe this because she loves Peezy B and had stolen twenty of his songs. Cat leaves, but Sam stops her because they were babysitting a kid named Alexander. Cat thinks Sam can handle Alexander alone. Alexander, who was asked to pick the celery bits out of Sam's chicken salad by Sam, says hello to the two. He tells them that he's using a tweezer. Sam tells him to just keep picking. Alexander asks Sam if she would read him a story from his Holy Bible. Sam asks Cat if she heard that sass. Sam then says that they're babysitting Darby, Chloe, and Max later. Cat says that she'll be back by then. Sam calls her an abandoner but Cat says that since they're friends and this is a big opportunity for Cat, Sam should be happy for her. Sam asks Cat if she'll ask him to autograph Sam's ping pong ball. Cat says that there's peanut butter on the ball. Sam licks it off. Cat then says that there's saliva on the ball. Sam wipes it on Cat's shirt.

Sam, Dice, and Goomer go to Bots where Goomer orders a chili cheesy burger, Sam orders a bowl of gravy, and Dice orders a sandwich. Cat runs into Bots, crying. She tells them that Peezy B said that her dyed red hair didn't look natural, she dances like a squirrel, and that Peezy criticized Cat's hat. Sam asks Cat if Peezy autographed her ball. Cat says that he just squished the ball. Sam is furious and asks Cat where Peezy is. Cat says that he's at Pufftone Studios. Sam asks Bungle for a pound of butter and a sock. Bungle says that they have butter but no socks. At Pufftone Studios, Peezy is laughing about the time they went to the wrong city when planning to go to the Super Bowl. Peezy's assistant gives Peezy's friends their drinks, but Peezy unreasonably fires his assistant, calling him a mumbling mutt. Sam bursts in and confronts Peezy. She pinches Peezy's friend, Bunny and shoves him in the liver. She slaps Peezy with his grapes, drops Peezy's phone in a fish tank full of piranha, and when Peezy asks Sam to be his assistant, Sam thumps his head. Sam turns down the offer, but accepts it when Peezy offers Sam $1,200 a week. At home, Cat is trying to calm down Darby, who was crying, and Max and Chloe, who are having a lemon war. Sam comes home and yells at the three kids to take it to the back. Max, Chloe, and Darby obediently follow Sam's instructions. Sam tells Cat what happened and Cat is confused. Sam asks Cat if she remembered what she said that morning. Cat says that she told Sam to stop leaving little hairs on the soap bar. Sam says that she was talking about after that when Cat said that since they're friends and Cat had a big opportunity, they should be happy for each other. Since this was a big opportunity for Sam, Cat should feel happy for her. Sam goes to get Peezy the items he had requested earlier and then, Max comes and asks Cat what he was holding up. Cat says that that was their soap.

Three days later, Cat is tired because of how hard babysitting was by herself. Peezy performs his song for Sam; Cat calls Sam. Cat says that she had to come home since the two boys they were babysitting were wrecking havoc. Sam tells Cat to call Dice and Goomer for help. Cat does so. When Peezy finishes his song, Sam suggests that he should fix the chorus and add a sound effect of a camel screaming. Peezy loves this idea and then tells Sam to get him two piranha fish so that he can have more of them than someone named Kanye (possibly Kanye West). Dice and Goomer enter the house and find it a mess. They find Cat trapped to a broom and with a bucket on her head. They take the bucket off but then, Dice gets a text from Sam, asking for a place that sells piranha fish and if Goomer can give her a ride. Dice and Goomer go to help Sam but Cat chases after them, still taped to the broom. She ends up falling down. Sam comes home and finds out that Cat had asked her friend, Mindy to come help her. Sam is furious with this and Sam and Cat start arguing. Sam pinches Mindy's elbow to make her pass out. Cat starts crying and then, Peezy and Bunny come to invite Sam to Acapulco so that Peezy can get a tree biscuit. Sam quits her job to get the babysitting business back on track. Peezy begs Sam not to quit, so Sam and Cat make Mindy Peezy's assistant. Peezy and Bunny then leave for Acapulco.


Sam: (to Bungle) Robot!
Bungle: Hello. How may I help you?
Sam: Bring me a pound of butter, and one sock.
Bungle: I will bring you the butter, but we don't do socks.

Sam: [bursts through the door] Alright, where is he? W- Well, hey there Mr. Peeny.
Peezy: My name's Peezy! Who is this girl? Who let her up in here?
Bunny: Hey you're gonna have to leave!
Sam: [pinches Bunny]
Bunny: She pinched me!
Sam: [shoves Bunny in the liver]
Peezy: Y'all see that?! That girl pinched Bunny and shoved him in the liver! Aw, Bunny! You got to be faster!
Sam: [slaps Peezy with grapes]
Peezy: You have hit me with my own fruits!
Sam: You were mean to my friend, Cat, and you squished my ping pong ball!
Peezy: Oh yeah! I squished that good.
Sam: [throws away her ball and picks up Peezy's phone] Is this your PearPhone?
Peezy: Yeah, that's my PearPhone. I got a lot of contacts in there which I never back up.
Sam: Interesting.
Peezy: What the—
Sam: [puts the phone in a fish tank filled with piranha]
Bunny: Now, you're in big trouble.
Sam: [looks at him threateningly]
Bunny: [steps back]
Peezy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What's your name, Goldilocks?
Sam: Puckett.
Peezy: Well, guess what, Puckett?
Sam: What?
Peezy: You got swag, and you got spunk. You got that swaggy spunk!

Cat: You made Mindy go nonconcisious!
Sam: Oh no, now who will bring us tea?

Dice: Goomer check this out! [holds out his phone]
Goomer: [excitedly] A phone!

Goomer: Oh... Chewy, cheesy burger!
Sam: Yeah... a bowl of gravy with a spoon.
Dice: I'm gonna take several bites of that sandwich.
Tandy: Human beings disgust me! [starts to roll away] Zoom!

Cat: Boys! An apartment is no place for archery!

Sam: [listening to Peezy B's new song] I'm gonna be a little late.
Cat: LATE?! That's the fourth time this week you've been late--[sees boy holding something] Hey, put that down!!


  • Kel Mitchell is the third All That cast member to guest star in Schneider's shows, the first being Kenan Thompson (Mitchell's co-star in their own show Kenan & Kel) and the second being Jack De Sena.
  • Cat says "Give peas a chance," which is a reference to a song on All That.
  • The song Peezy was recording in his studio is a parody of Kanye West's song "Black Skinhead".
  • In the end Peezy says "You upset me in ways I can't understand!" a reference to Coach Kreeton, Kel Mitchell's character on All That, who would often shout the same phrase (he even says it in the same voice).
  • The actors for Peezy B and Bunny are also the same actors for Double G and Bunny from Game Shakers.
  • Peezy B asking Sam to get 3 seemingly unrelated things (a tricycle, Kosher salami, and Mexican lipstick) is a reference to Kenan & Kel where at the end of the episode Kenan would always ask Kel to get unrelated items and meet him somewhere.
  • The 'unedited version' (as billed in the promos) of this episode aired January 10, 2014 at 7 a.m. (EST) as part of the "Wake Up with Sam & Cat" week on Nickelodeon.
  • To destroy Peezy's PearPhone, Sam drops it on the aquarium. It could have not worked, since as indirectly indicated in #BrainCrush, where Dice's phone still works after having been in a car-wash, some PearPhones are waterproof.
  • The actors of PeezyB and Bunny are the same actors in a future Dan Schneider show "Game Shakers". They play Bunny and Double G on Game Shakers.


Character revelations

  • Tandy is a misanthrope.
  • It's possible that Sam may be an atheist by the way she referred to Alexander asking to read the Holy Bible as sass.


  • When Cat goes "Well, you're never home!", she spills all her tea, but there is no spill on the floor and she then starts drinking from the mug.

Running gags

  • Sam dropping things in the piranha tank.

Series continuity

  • Sam pinches someone to make them fall asleep, like she does to Nora in the iCarly episode iPsycho.
    • Sam pinching elbows to make pass out is similar to both Mr. Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch in Star Trek and Quinn Pensky's in various Zoey 101 episodes.
  • This episode is the first in airing order to really show Goomer at Bots without having his fear of robots shown in #GoomerSitting.
  • Sam mentions the Butter sock.
  • Darby, Chloe and Max appear for the third time since #NewGoat.

International premieres

  • February 5, 2014 (Spain)
  • February 24, 2014 (Italy)
  • March 1, 2014 (Netherlands)
  • March 22, 2014 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • March 30, 2014 (Poland)
  • September 18, 2014 (Greece)