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"You done hit me with my own fruits!"
— Peezy B to Sam.

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Peezy B[1] is a minor character in Sam & Cat. He is a celebrity rapper where Sam and Cat live and is portrayed by Kel Mitchell.


Peezy B held auditions for his new music video, which Cat attended, but he insulted her because of her hair, her dancing, and her hat. Sam went to Pufftone Studios where Peezy was and confronted him. Impressed by her style, he hires her to be his assistant after offering her $1,200 a week which she took right away.

Peezy B has several friends that work alongside him in his studio, and has a personal body guard, named Bunny.


Peezy B was shown to be a loud, crude, and rude person. However, as the episode progressed he showed he had a softer side, and was generally nice to Sam when she was his assistant, showed respect for her and even included some of her ideas in his upcoming music he was recording.


Sam Puckett

Peezy B liked Sam's tough style and hired her to be his assistant. However, she finally quit when Peezy said that they were going to Acapulco so he could adopt an exotic animal. Since Peezy picked on Cat's quirky personality, that was also a factor in Sam quitting her work for him. Overall the two had a decent friendship for the short time they were around each other.

Cat Valentine

Peezy B was mean to Cat partly because of her dyed red hair. He also said she danced like a squirrel and disrespected a hat she owns that says "Hat" on it.


'Bunny' is the name, or nickname of Peezy B's personal body guard. He is a large, tall man who has a generally friendly but neutral demeanor. Bunny accompanies Peezy around wherever he goes to ensure his safety and takes orders from Peezy as well.


Mindy is Peezy's new presumed assistant after Sam quits working for him. Nothing is known about their actual relationship, since Peezy hires her while she is unconscious from Sam. It is not known if Mindy actually went through to be Peezy's assistant or not.


Sam: [bursts through the door] Alright, where is he? W- Well, hey there Mr. Peeny.
Peezy: My name's Peezy! Who is this girl? Who let her up in here?
Bunny: Hey you're gonna have to leave!
Sam: [pinches Bunny]
Bunny: She pinched me!
Sam: [shoves Bunny in the liver]
Peezy: Y'all see that?! That girl pinched Bunny and shoved him in the liver! Aw, Bunny! You got to be faster!
Sam: [slaps Peezy with grapes]
Peezy: You have hit me with my own fruits!
Sam: You were mean to my friend, Cat, and you squished my ping pong ball!
Peezy: Oh yeah! I squished that good.
Sam: [throws away her ball and picks up Peezy's phone] Is this your PearPhone?
Peezy: Yeah, that's my PearPhone. I got a lot of contacts in there which I never back up.
Sam: Interesting.
Peezy: What the—
Sam: [puts the phone in a fish tank filled with piranha]
Bunny: Now, you're in big trouble.
Sam: [looks at him threateningly]
Bunny: [steps back]
Peezy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What's your name, Goldilocks?
Sam: Puckett.
Peezy: Well, guess what, Puckett?
Sam: What?
Peezy: You got swag, and you got spunk. You got that swaggy spunk!



  • He may be a parody of the rapper J Peezy or legendary rapper from NWA, Eazy E.
  • His song is a parody of Black Skinhead, a song by Kanye West. Ironically, he mentioned Kanye West in the show.


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