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"I'm Randy!"
— Randy's catchphrase

Biographical information

Sandy (#BlueDogSoda)
Mr. Randy (#BlueDogSoda)



Resides in

Los Angeles, California


Cub Scouts member

Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

The Dweeblos


Goomer (in #FresnoGirl)


Free trips to Hawaii
Blue Dog Soda


No Blue Dog Soda

Production information
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Last appearance


Portrayed by

Nick Gore

Randy is a minor recurring character on Sam & Cat, who is portrayed by Nick Gore.



Sam met him at the park and mistakenly thought he was Butler and took him back to the apartment. When she found out that he wasn't Butler, she shut him out.


Sam once again mistakes him for the kid they're babysitting and takes him back to the apartment where she finds out that it wasn't him and that the job was next weekend.


In Dice's flashback, Randy was playing poker with him, BJ Malloy, Brody the spear fisherman, and another boy. At the end of the game, he said "I'm Randy!", therefore, folding.


He was a customer of Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer's secret Blue Dog Soda store. He apparently loved Blue Dog Soda a lot since he attempted to buy more than one case in a week. After Cat wouldn't sell him a second case, he left only to return with a blonde wig, pretending to be a girl named Sandy. Cat didn't fall for it so Randy left only to once again return but with a black mustache on. Sam then spat at him, causing Randy to run away.


Randy and the Dweeblos saw the flyer Goomer put up for his missing T-shirt named Timmy Tee, along with the reward. Because the picture showed Goomer wearing his shirt, they thought that Goomer was Timmy Tee so they chased after him, causing him to hide in Sam and Cat's bedroom. The boys found him and held him captive until they would get the reward - a free trip to Hawaii. At the time, Sam and Cat found out that the girl they were babysitting, Kim Fimble, lied about her grade on the math test so she would get the Fresno girl doll as they promised. To get Goomer back, Kim would go out on a date with Randy in order to keep her doll. During the date, Randy annoyed Kim by constantly getting her salads.


Randy seems to be stubborn as he wouldn't let Goomer go until he got the free trip. He also seems to be one of those people who drink too much Blue Dog Soda as he went as far to wear pathetic disguises to get more.


Kim Fimble

In #FresnoGirl, Randy and Kim went on a date so Goomer would be released and Kim would get to keep her doll. Randy seemed to like Kim while Kim did not really like Randy as he kept getting her salads.




I told you, I'm Randy!

I'm Sandy!

I'm not Randy, I'm Randy's father. Mr. ... Randy.


  • Sam mistook him for the kid they were babysitting twice.
  • Randy says his name a lot.
  • He is terrible at disguises.
  • He loves Blue Dog Soda a lot.
  • For some reason, he didn't want to say his last name in #BlueDogSoda, when he makes believe that he is his own father.


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