"I caught you pink-handed!"
Sam to Cat.

Season 1, Episode 11
Jennette, Ariana, Sophia, and Rosie
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September 21, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider & Warren Bell


Adam Weissman


2.321 million[2]

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#RevengeOfTheBritBrats[3] is the 11th episode of Sam & Cat. This episode marks the second appearance of Gwen and Ruby (Sophia Grace and Rosie).


The episode begins with Sam and Cat breaking the fourth wall by talking to the camera and showing a few scenes from #TheBritBrats. They, however, don't break character, shown by Cat's mispronunciation of the word previously.

A mother comes to pick up her two sons and pays Sam and Cat $60, which Sam keeps. A few minutes later, Gwen and Ruby come to Apartment 22, much to Cat's dismay. Sam opens the door instead and lets Gwen and Ruby inside the apartment. Gwen and Ruby say how much they felt sorry for conning Cat and Dice previously. Gwen and Ruby give Cat a can of Bibble, Sam a vibrating motorcycle helmet, and a British toilet plunger. They then leave.

That night, Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer are watching a game show called Get Outta the Pool. While they are watching it, Gwen and Ruby sneak into Sam and Cat’s bedroom. They begin looking for the Bibble can that they gave Cat. Gwen finds it behind a sign that says “Do not look behind this sign.” Gwen then takes some of the Bibble and put it on Sam’s bed. They leave with the can so that it will look like Sam ate Cat’s Bibble. Cat believes this and yells at Sam. Gwen and Ruby watch through the window happily. That night, Gwen paints Sam’s motorcycle pink and Ruby paints Cat’s hand pink so that it will make it look like Cat painted Sam’s motorcycle pink for revenge.

Sam believes this and both of them argue and fight. To cool herself off, Sam goes to Punchy's gym with Dice and Goomer while Cat goes to Bots with Nona. Sam and Cat both explain what happened to their respective companions. While in Punchy's, Goomer says Gwen and Ruby did it so Sam and Cat would fight. Sam and Dice admire Goomer's brilliance, but then he says a dumb statement. Nona says the same thing as Goomer. Sam and Cat go home and reunite. Sam then plans revenge on Gwen and Ruby by making them believe they hate each other even more.

Gwen and Ruby then are passing by Sam and Cat's apartment when they hear Sam and Cat fighting. They hear a thud and go inside to find Sam with Cat, who supposedly has the fancy toilet plunger that Gwen and Ruby gave them in Cat's head. Sam tries to convince Gwen and Ruby to help her hide Cat's body before the cops show up, but Gwen and Ruby refuse. Gwen and Ruby feel bad for planning to sabotage Sam and Cat's friendship and blame each other. Ruby says she is going to call Uncle Hubbins to tell him that Gwen fooled Sam and Cat into hating each other. Gwen and Ruby begin to fight, which Sam and Cat happily watch. Cat suggests that they should call Uncle Hubbins what Gwen and Ruby did, which Sam agrees upon. They then walk towards the phone in slow motion.


Sam: Say it.
Cat: Prevaiously on Sam & Cat
Sam: Previously...
Cat: Previously on Sam & Cat... [flashback to #TheBritBrats]
Cat: [after the flashback] And now...
Sam: New stuff! [poses with Cat]
Cat screams
Sam: Is there a murderer in there?
Cat continues screaming
Sam:Or can I continue eating this ham?
Cat continues screaming
Sam: [moans] Stay pretty.
Cat continues screaming
Sam: [enters her and Cat's room] What's your deal?
Cat: Call 991!
Sam: Why?
Cat: Somebody snatched my bibble! [cries, then lies down on the floor]
Sam: [laughs]
Cat: It's not a joke! My bibble is gone!
Sam: Well, where is it?
Cat: Gone!
Cat: They wanted makeovers.
Sam: So we made that one into a zombie.
Grady: Brrrrraaaaaiiiinnnssss!
Sam: And he's a...
Grady's brother: I'm a box!!
Cat: [stares angrily at Sam]
Sam: What?
Cat: You stole my bibble!
Sam: No, I didn't!
Cat: Oh, yeah? Then why are these little bibble bits all around your pillow? [starts eating them, then spits] Oh god! That was a toenail!
Goomer: Oh, I get it. It's funny 'cause he's drowning.
TV Announcer: You know, it's funny, 'cause he's drowning.
Tandy: Hello! You pressed your call button many times. Can I help you?
Nona: Yes, my coffee's a little cold.
Tandy: Oh no!
Nona: So could I get another cup?
Tandy: [smacks the cup of coffee out of Nona's hand, which splatters all over another customer] How are your bowls of soup?
Cat // Nona: Fine! // Perfect!
Sam: And who took Cat's bibble?
Dice: Mice?
Sam: It was in a can this big!
Dice: Giant mice?
Cat: [holds up a sign that says "I am not speaking to you"]
Sam: One, I don't care. Two, I didn't take your bibble.
Cat: Yes, you did!
Sam: I thought you weren't speaking to me. [leaves the room]
Cat: [realizes what she did and puts her hand on her forehead]
Goomer: Maybe you shouldn't have taken her bibble.
Sam: You can accuse me of a lot of things, but I never touched Cat's bibble!
Goomer: [puts coin in parking meter] We're good for an hour.
Cat: [hugs Sam]
Sam: You can do this for two more seconds. One.. Two.. [slightly pats Cat's back] Ding!!
Cat: Oh, yeah? You're not the only one who can exit angrily! But I better get a sweater first because it's kind of chilly out here... [goes back inside]
Gwen: [appears out of bushes with Ruby] See, Ruby? Now Sam and Cat hate each other!
Ruby: We've done it.
Gwen: Indeed.
Ruby: Shall we high-five?
Gwen: No! In America, the cool kids now celebrate with a fist bump. [fist bumps with Ruby]


  • This episode was in production from April 8 to April 12, 2013.[4]
  • This episode is a sequel to #TheBritBrats and is the second appearance of Gwen and Ruby.
  • This is the second time someone Sam & Cat has babysat in the past appears (the first being Chloe, Max and Darby). This is excluding Goomer, since his first appearance was in #NewGoat. The first time was in #NewGoat.
  • This episode title is so far tied for the second longest title with BabysittingCommercial both have 21 letters, the longest being #TheKillerTunaJump, counting the #Freddie #Jade #Robbie part.
  • This episode aired after Nickelodeon's World Wide Day of Play.
  • This is Ariana Grande's favorite Sam & Cat episode.[5]
  • This is the third episode that features the cut version of the theme song. The first two were #GoomerSitting and #MommaGoomer.
  • This episode is set a year after Tori Goes Platinum.
  • When Gwen and Ruby came to Apartment 22 at night, Gwen said "Shhh!" and Ruby responded "I didn't say anything." This is a joke that often appeared on iCarly and Victorious and #BabysittingCommercial.
  • In the Bots scene, Nona briefly wears glasses. Nona is played by Maree Cheatham and the glasses that she wore were similar to the ones Maree wore when she played a driving teacher in Drake & Josh episode "Driver's License".
  • Gwen says they call toilet plungers shove muckers in England, which isn't true in real life.
  • This is the second time that Nona and Goomer appear in the same episode, the first time was in #NewGoat.
  • In the promo, there is a picture of Dan Schneider instead of the fan of the week picture.
  • This is so far the only time Sam doesn't appear at Bots when it is featured in an episode and the only time Cat doesn't appear at Punchy's when it is featured.
  • The motorcycle helmet Sam gets in this episode never returned.


  • Get Out of the Pool could be based on Celebrities Underwater.
  • The way the boy with a zombie makeover said "Braaaaiiinnns" might be a reference to Plants Vs. Zombies.
  • The ham Sam wants to eat is named Schneider's, as an allusion to Dan Schneider.

Character revelations

  • Cat went to therapy with Nona because she pawned off her jewelry to buy bibble.
  • Gwen and Ruby's plans have gotten people killed before.


  • When Sam picked up Cat they were facing directly towards the window, they should have seen Gwen and Ruby, though they were too busy fighting.
  • When Gwen and Ruby sneak into Sam and Cat's house while they are watching "Get Out of the Pool!" they leave the sliding glass door open. Sam and Cat should have noticed the open sliding glass door.
  • You see Goomer trying to put together his severed meat patty, but Sam clearly only picked up the burger and dropped it.
  • Sam and Cat shouldn't know exactly when to start pretending to fight if there was no way they could see Gwen and Ruby from their apartment.
  • It's surprising that Sam and Cat didn't check the presents to see if Gwen and Ruby did anything to them, though Sam readied herself with a bat while receiving the presents.
  • When Sam was tricking Cat with the money, she gave Cat one ten, two fives, and one twenty, but then her hands were empty, which means Sam had 40 dollars, yet earlier she said they got paid 60 dollars.
  • On Netflix this show is listed as "Gwen and Ruby Return" instead of the proper episode name.

Running gags

  • Cat's Bibble addiction.
  • Cat screaming at the top of her lungs.

Series continuity

  • Cat gives one of the boys a zombie makeover just like she did to Tori on Victorious.
  • Cat is still addicted to Bibble.
  • Sam's hatred of the color pink.
  • Sam's criminal history is referenced when she mentions her parole officer.
  • Bungle hosed someone again.
  • Sam doesn't like Cat hugging her (though she's more tolerant of this).
  • Sam still likes eating ham like she did on iCarly.
  • Sam wears the red vest she wore in #BabysitterWar.
  • Sam is seen rinsing her mouth out with Blue Dog Soda.

International premieres

  • October 24, 2013 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • November 13, 2013 (Italy)
  • November 15, 2013 (Portugal)
  • November 18, 2013 (UK & Ireland)
  • December 14, 2013 (Latin America)
  • January 20, 2014 (Spain)
  • January 25, 2014 (Germany, Netherlands, Poland)
  • February 12, 2014 (France)
  • March 6, 2014 (Greece)
  • April 13, 2014 (Hungary)



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