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"But we're Sam and Cat, not some weird old mutant fish puppet."
Sam to the lawyer.

Season 1, Episode 17
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November 9, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak


Russ Reinsel


2.36 million[2]

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#SalmonCat[3] is the 17th episode of Sam & Cat.


The episode starts with Sam and Cat in their apartment, babysitting an unnamed boy. Cat asks Sam and the child they're babysitting to hit her with tennis balls while jump roping so that she can improve. Predictably, this doesn't work.

After Cat gets hit by the balls, a lawyer named Martin Malloy comes inside the apartment and the boy runs away. He tells Sam and Cat to change the name of their babysitting service because "Sam and Cat" sounded too much like a 1970's TV show called Salmon Cat. Annoyed, Sam hits him with a tennis ball used earlier to hit Cat.

After the incident, Sam, Cat, Dice, and Nona go to Bots, where Dice shows them an episode of Salmon Cat. The show turns out to be terrible. Nona then leaves Bots to go to a vacation to Mexico.

Sam and Cat come home from Bots. They attempt to enter their apartment, but soon find out that they are forbidden to come into their house until they change the name of their babysitting service. To Sam's dismay, a police officer guards the apartment to prevent the two from entering.

Because the two have nowhere to stay for the night, Sam and Cat "camp out" in front of their apartment doorstep. Cat starts using Dice's laptop to find out who created Salmon Cat. She later finds out that the two creators of Salmon Cat, Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins, live in L.A.

The next day, Sam talks to Sylvia and Cat talks to Janice. It turns out that Sylvia and Janice are now enemies because of a fight they had over a Salmon Cat award.

Sam and Cat meet with each other at Bots, after talking to the creators of Salmon Cat. Sam tells Cat to tell Janice and Sylvia to go to Punchy's at four for a fight. Sam does the same, but this is only to get them to go there.

At four, the two actually fight each other, but end up signing a form, allowing Sam and Cat to continue using their name. As a gift for signing the form, Sam and Cat give them a Salmon Cat doll but they begin fighting for it again.


Cat: A man!
Marty: My name is Martin Malloy. I'm a lawyer.
Boy: A lawyer? [Runs out of the apartment]
Sam: Is this about my mom? Is she in jail? Did she go to church naked again?
Marty: I don't know your mother.
Sam: Must be nice.
Cat: Why don't you come in, Mr. Marty Malloy?
Marty: Thank you. [Marty comes in]
Sam: What's this about?
Marty: Do you two run a babysitting service called "Sam and Cat's Super Rockin' Funtime Babysitting Service?"
Sam: Why?
Marty: Take these papers. [hands Cat papers]
Cat: Ooh. Stapled.
Marty: That's a cease and desist order.
Sam: Hey, talk English, man.
Marty: Fine, I'll be more clear. Change the name of your babysitting service. You're not allowed to use the name "Sam and Cat."
Sam: What?
Cat: But those are our names.
Marty: It's also the name of a popular kids' TV show from the 1970's.
Sam: What TV show?
Marty: Salmon Cat.
Cat: Salmon Cat?
Marty: Salmon Cat. [shows them a picture of a Salmon Cat doll]
Cat: That's a puppet.
Marty: A puppet named Salmon Cat. Look, he's half cat, half salmon. That's a fish.
Cat: Oh. Salmon Cat.
Sam: But we're Sam and Cat, not some weird old mutant fish puppet.
Marty: Salmon Cat was a show for children. You two run a babysitting service for children. Salmon Cat, Sam and Cat. Obviously, that's confusing.
Cat: It is confusing!
Sam: You think toast is confusing.
Cat: No, I used to think it was confusing, but then I read that book about toast, and now I get it.

Sam: See, right now, my roommate is talking to your partner, Janice Dobb-
Sylvia: Don't say her name! You don't have to say it out loud.
Sam: Why? You don't like her?
Sylvia: I hate her! You know I haven't spoken to her in 30 years?
Sam: So, all we need you guys to do is get together for like five minutes and agree to let us use our names!
Sylvia: I'd like to help you out, I really would. But, um-
Dog: [barks]
Sam: Let me. [through microphone] [begins barking loudly]
Dog: [begins whimpering]
Sylvia: Very good. You made it whimper.
Tandy: Hello! Are you enjoying your foods?
Sam: Mmm.
Cat: Yep.
Sam: Great.
Cat: Thanks.
Dice: Except I didn't get my curly fries.
Tandy: Oh no! I'm sorry, I forgot.
Bungle: Oh, he forgot your fries, like he forgot my birthday?
Tandy: Can we please not do this in front of the humans?
Sam: Are you two, like, dating?
Tandy: Uh, no! No, no! She's, uh... not my type.
Bungle: I was your type at the Christmas party!
Tandy: That was one time!
Bungle: Did you sell them any pork puffs?
Tandy: No.
Bungle: Good. Now you know how it feels to be rejected.
Tandy: I never loved you!
Cat: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Sam: What?
Cat: Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins.
Sam: Who are they? People?
Cat: Yeah! They're the two ladies who created that stupid puppet show Salmon Cat! And it looks like they still live here in Los Angeles! THANK YOU INTERNET FOR DESTROYING EVERYBODY'S PRIVACY!
Sam: Okay, what if I just break in anyway?
Deputy Hanson: Then I'll just use my taser. [brings out a banana instead] Okay, who replace my taser with this banana fruit?
Dice: I don't play that way.
Cat: Wasn't me.
Deputy Hanson: [to Sam] Give me my taser.
Sam: Give my banana.
[Deputy Hanson and Sam exchange the banana and taser]
Deputy Hanson: [wakes up with the underwear still on his head] Huh? What's going on?
Cat: Sorry.
Sam: We were just under. [snickers with Cat]
Deputy Hanson: Under where?


  • This episode was in production from June 24 to June 28, 2013.
  • Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, the stars of Laverne & Shirley, guest star in this episode.[4][5]
  • The episode marks the first time in over 30 years that Marshall and Williams have worked together on a scripted program.[6]This is referenced when in the episode Sylvia says she and Janice haven't met each other for 30 years.
  • Laverne & Shirley is an American television sitcom that ran on ABC from January 27, 1976 to May 10, 1983.
  • Even though Punchy's appears in this episode, Goomer does not.
  • Martin Malloy shares the same last name as BJ Malloy.
  • The beginning of the opening of Laverne and Shirley is parodied in the opening of this episode.
  • Janice's apartment building (outside) is the same apartment used as Sikowitz's apartment building in the Victorious episode "Sleepover at Sikowitz's".
  • The yellow tape stuck to the door and window of Apartment 22 say "Cinta Amarilla", which means Yellow Tape in Spanish.
  • At the beginning of the opening sequence, instead of Sam and Cat clapping hands, there is a recreation of the non-sequitur Yiddish hopscotch chant from the opening of Laverne & Shirley.
  • This is the only episode to have special guests credited at the beginning of the episode after the theme song.


  • Janice mentions Sesame Street.
    • Sesame Street was mentioned in Victorious.
  • The fact Tandy and Bungle dated may be a reference to the fact that their voice actors, Dan Schneider and Lisa Lillien, are a married couple.
  • The fact Janice and Sylvia hadn't seen each other since 30 years is an allusion to the fact Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall didn't worked together for the same amount of time.
  • Janice's apartment building is called "Feeney Villas" and Sylvia's is "DeFazio Apartments". Feeney and DeFazio are Shirley's and Laverne's surnames on Laverne & Shirley respectively.

Character revelations

  • Tandy and Bungle used to date.
  • Sam's mom has gone to church naked.
  • When Sam's mom is really hungry, she might eat a horse.


  • There are several legal inaccuracies in this episode.
    • Since the attorney did not represent either Sylvia and/or Janice and nothing was technically filed, the attorney had no right to stop Sam and Cat.
      • However, it’s possible he was represented by the network the show aired on if they own the rights.
    • The lawyer never said which owner of the name Salmon Cat (Sylvia or Janice) he represented or why he took the case, since both never said they wanted to claim the name.
    • The producers of Salmon Cat are okay with Sam and Cat using the name but they're the only ones who would be able to obtain a cease and desist order to put a stop to it.
    • Since their situation would be a civil case and not a criminal case, the police had no right to seize their property. On top of that, they had no warrant. They also live in an apartment so they’re not home owners.
    • Sam and Cat should've reported the police officer because he violated their privacy.
    • Sam could have also been arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer for stealing the police officer's taser.
  • Sam had a banana in her hand for the whole time, even after she walks to the door. When the policeman wanted to take out his taser, she had the taser instead of the banana, but she didn't have a chance to touch the policeman's taser.
  • As shown in #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, Sam and Cat could have snuck in through the sliding glass door or the window next to Sam's bed.
  • In #BabysittingCommercial, Cat said that there was already a website called so she had to do to avoid plagiarism. However, Sam and Cat are more likely to have problems with whoever made, not the creators of Salmon Cat.
  • When Sylvia and Janice were signing the form, they were in Apartment 22, which doesn't make sense since in theory Sam and Cat should get permission to enter their apartment after they got permission to use "Sam and Cat".
  • Sam and Cat could have slept in Dice's apartment instead of in the hallways of the building.
  • Cat is using Dice's laptop when they have to stay in the hallways. It's not known how she's using it, since there's no electric wall outlets for them to use when in the halls. It's also not known of how she got Dice's laptop, but it's more than likely that he gave it to her to use.
  • Salmon Cat is said to be a boy, but Sylvia and Janice refer to the character as "her" when fighting over the toy.

Running gags

Series continuity

  • Sam's mom's trouble with the law on iCarly is referenced.
  • Sam sticks her tongue in Cat's ear like she did to Freddie's in iPsycho.

International premieres

  • November 9, 2013 (France)
  • February 6, 2014 (Portugal and Spain)
  • February 20, 2014 (Italy)
  • March 8, 2014 (Netherlands and Latin America)
  • March 15, 2014 (Poland and Germany)
  • March 26, 2014 (Quebec)