Emoticons are a fun tool to use in the chat room.


A list of emoticons is available at MediaWiki:Emoticons. To use an emoticon in chat, type the code listed underneath the image or URL for that emote.


As stated in the chat policy, emoticons should not be overused in chat, since they may cause the chat to lag for other users. Chat moderators will be in charge of clearing up questions about emoticon usage while in the chat room.

How to request emoticons

In the comments section below, provide a link to the picture you want along with the code.

Pictures should not be too large as they could be hard to see on chat. Please keep your emote submissions around a 20x20 resolution.

Codes should be in brackets and contain the name of the subject of the emoticon.

An administrator will respond to your comment and let you know whether or not it has been approved and added.