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This is the page where formal nominations for user rights changes take place.

What are the different user rights?

Administrators are entrusted with the ability to block and ban users as well as edit and delete comments/pages. They can also change the protection settings of pages and promote/demote chat moderators.

Bureaucrats are administrators who, in addition to the admin functions, also have the ability to change the user rights for administrators and rollbacks and promote users to bureaucrat.

Rollback rights enable normal users to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert repeated vandalism to a page by the same user. They can also change the protection settings of pages. It is particularly useful when an admin is unavailable to take action against vandals.

Chat moderators have the ability to kick and ban users from chat.


  • Users must have 50 edits and be a regular contributor for a month to be able to vote or nominate.
  • Users who have been absent for extended periods of time (3 months or more) will be considered as "new users" for the purposes of nomination and must make 50 edits and be contributor for a further month before voting.
  • Exceptions to these requirements may be made.


Rollback and Chat Mod Nominations

Users may nominate themselves or other users for mod/rollback rights, and all users may either support or oppose the nomination. When the wiki is in need of a new chat mod or rollback, an admin or bureaucrat will honor the most supported nomination.

Administrator and Bureaucrat Voting

When a new admin is needed, the existing admins will nominate competent candidates who are chat mod and rollback users. All users who meet the requirements set above may vote. At the end of a week or whatever set deadline, the candidate with the strongest support in terms of number of supporting votes and strength of comments will be promoted.

The same procedure will apply for bureaucrats, except all the current admins will be nominated.

Other Procedures

All users who are nominated by someone other than themselves must accept their nomination in order for them to be promoted.

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