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"You locked us in that tiny room, why would you do that?"
Cat confronting Dice.

Season 1, Episode 13
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October 5, 2013

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Adam Weissman


1.972 million[1]

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 #SecretSafe is the 13th episode of Sam & Cat.


The episode starts with Cat trying to find where an odd smell from Sam's room is coming from. It turns out that it is from a bag and inside it is a two-month-old taco, which Sam throws out of the window.

Afterwards, Sam realizes that there is a safe in her closet. Cat says that it was there ever since Nona moved in – they never found out the combination. Sam tries to get the combination by typing in random numbers, but fails in doing so in the first few attempts.

Dice comes inside Sam and Cat's apartment and announces that his mom and his aunt are going to PuzzleCon and are taking him with them because they don't trust Dice to be by himself. Sam and Cat decide to hang out with him until his mom and aunt return from PuzzleCon. Since Dice is free to do anything without his mother's consent, he announces that he is going to play poker with college students. However, Sam and Cat are disapproving of the idea and does not let Dice play poker.

After hanging out with Dice, Sam attempts to open the safe, which succeeds. She starts screaming in excitement that "That's the passcode! 74739!" It turns out that there is a tunnel in the safe. Sam and Cat enter the tunnel which leads them into a small room. Inside the room are several cans of fruit cocktail, two gallons of water, and a jump rope. Dice, angry that he can't play poker, locks Cat and Sam inside the room. Aware that Dice locked them in a room, Cat and Sam attempt to fight their boredom by jump roping and eating fruit cocktail. To Sam and Cat's delight, Goomer enters their apartment about 3 hours later with a tub of chicken pucks for Sam. After several attempts, Sam is able to get Goomer to go to the room, find the safe, and type the combination. Finally, Sam and Cat escape the secret safe with Goomer's help.

Sam and Cat, furious at Dice, find Dice dancing at a little girl's birthday party instead of playing poker. Dice explains that he was there because his aunt, Fergene, dropped Dice's mom's computer in the toilet. Since Dice's mom's birthday is coming up, Dice wants to give her another computer but since he doesn't have enough money, he earns money by dancing at children's parties. He said that he lied that he was playing poker because dancing at girl parties is embarrassing. Sam and Cat do feel a little sympathy for him and say they can loan him the money, but all he has to do his end his birthday party dancing career. Though they also tell him that they are still mad at him for locking them in the room. In revenge, Sam and Cat lock him in the room and end up forgetting about him while eating Sloppy Waffles.[2][3]


Cat: Sam?
Sam: Don't say you have to pee.
Cat: I won't say it. But what am I supposed to do?
Sam: [hands Cat an empty fruit can]
Cat: Aw, geez.

Sam: Okay. We have to get out of here because we have two majorly important things to do.
Cat: What?
Sam: Murder Dice.
Cat: And?
Sam: Eat Sloppy Waffles.
Cat: That's my thing!

Sam: Dice, I really need you to get something.
Cat: No dynamite!!
Sam: Did I say dynamite?
Dice: What'cha need?
Sam: Uh. These things called... boom-boom sticks.
Cat: That is secret code for dynamite!

Cat: Wow! We can open a food, water, and rope shop.
Sam: [sarcastically] Yes! The perfect store for hungry, thirsty, rope lovers.

Sam: Next time I eat four pounds of fruit, do not let me jump rope.
Cat: You wanna puke in my pee can?
Sam: Yes.

Sam: For one time, for one time I don't have my phone in my pocket and we get trapped in a tiny room.
Cat: You know what they say, no phone tiny room.
Sam: Who says that?
Cat: We read it on that sign.
Sam: What sign?
Cat: At that restaurant in the girl's bathroom.
Sam: That sign said "employees must wash hands."

Goomer: When did you become a ghost? Who killed you?
Cat: Goomer, it's me, Cat.
Goomer: Oh my god! Cat killed Sam! I always thought it'd be the other way around!

Goomer: What's the combination?
Cat: 90291-
Sam: [interrupts] That's our zip code.
Cat: 57329-
Sam: [interrupts again] That's your phone number.
Cat: I give up!

Sam: You know because of you I had to eat old fruit from a can!
Cat: I had to pee in a can!
Sam: Two different cans.

Sam: Start talking.
Dice: Well, I...
Sam: Shut up.
Cat: You locked us in that tiny room, why would you do that?
Dice: Well, I...
Cat: Shut up.

Dice: So you're not mad at me?
Sam: Oh yeah, we are.
Cat: We're outragged.
Dice: You mean outraged?
Sam and Cat: SHUT UP!

Sam: Hello? Dice, you still there? If you let us out now, I promise I won't break both of your legs!
Cat: Hey, Sam! Try to open the door to the safe so we can get outta here!
Sam: [sarcastically] Wow, why didn't I think of that? You got any more great ideas?
Cat: Yeah, I have one.
Sam: OH GOD!

Cat: Hello, future me! It's me, past you! Just a minute ago, I found a rotting taco that made me gag.


  • This episode was the first to be produced after the announcement of the show's premiere date.
  • This episode was in production from May 20 to May 24, 2013.[4]
  • Ariana Grande got a hoodie for her own stunts in this episode.[5]
  • Jerry Trainor was a special guest on set for production of this episode on May 24, 2013.[6]
  • The storyline for this episode is recycled from the Drake & Josh episode "Tree House"
  • It is revealed Cat has a safe in her room that she never knew the passcode to.
  • The combination to the safe is 74739.
  • This could easily be considered a bottle episode as Sam and Cat are trapped in Sam's safe for the first few minutes of it.
  • This is the first time Dice turned against Sam and Cat when he locks them in the safe and goes off to play poker.


  • Sam mentioned a sign that said "Employees must wash hands" in a restaurant bathroom, which may be a reference to a sign that Ellen DeGeneres showed in a segment called Funny Signs.[7]
  • Sam and Cat make references to the song Roxanne by the band The Police after they decided to lend Dice the money.
  • Cat saying "Cat and Sam" and Sam saying "I don't like it when you say it that way" and Cat saying "Sam and Cat" is possibly a reference to Drake & Josh TV special "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh" when Josh said "Merry Christmas, from Josh and Drake" and Drake said "Make it Drake and Josh. It sounds weird the other way" and Josh says impatiently "Merry Christmas, from Drake and Josh!"
  • Cat says that overweight people wear gigantic pants, which could be a reference to Drake & Josh episode "Mindy Loves Josh" where Josh tells a story about a 200-pound fourth grader named Becky Hummus who now wears gigantic pants.
  • Cat suggesting to Sam that they should play a game she learned at camp while they are trapped in a room is similar to Drake & Josh episode "Tree House" when Josh suggested to Drake that they should play a game he learned at camp comedy improv while they are trapped in a tree house.
  • When Goomer throws the chicken puck into the safe and hits Cat, she grabs her face and shouts "Oh my nose!" the same way as Marcia did when hit by a football in an episode of The Brady Bunch. And like Marcia, her nose swells.
  • At the end of the episode, Sam and Cat are seen eating sloppy waffles. Arianna Grande declared herself vegan to the press in 2013. Did she really eat meat for this episode?
  • After Cat gets hit by a chicken puck, her nose swells. Which spoofs the Green Acres episode called Handy Lessons, where Oliver Douglas gets punched in the nose by the Monroe Brother's friend, causing his nose to swell.

Character revelations

  • The zip code where Sam, Cat, and Dice live is 90291.
  • The first few numbers of Cat's phone number is 57329.
  • Dice dances for money at girls' birthday parties.
  • Dice weighs 72 pounds.
  • Goomer can drive.
  • Goomer always thought that Sam would kill Cat.
  • Dice's aunt Fergene has night gas.
  • Dice is revealed to be 12.5 in reality.
  • Cat went to camp.


  • Sam should have easily written down the combination to her safe so she'll remember for next time.

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  • November 18, 2013 (Italy)
  • November 27, 2013 (Portugal)
  • December 12, 2013 (Australia & New Zealand)
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