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"Butler Amadeus Torso, you dropped your phone on purpose!"
— Sharon Torso scolding Butler for losing the competition on purpose

Sharon Torso
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Sharon Torso



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Butler's mom and manager(A "Momager", according to herself)

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Butler Torso (son)


Unnamed friends (Didn't come over when she asked to)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine


Butler winning Bragging about how "they" won for the past three years Taking credit from Butler


Butler losing
Sam and cat

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Jamie Denbo

Sharon Torso is the mother of Butler Torso.


Sharon Torso appears in #TextingCompetition as the mother of Butler Torso. She is shown to be very controlling of her son and doesn't even let him have his own bike, even though he's almost 10 years old. She pushes him to win the texting competition but only doing so for her own personal gain (to meet the vice president). She goes to extremes to make her son win the texting competition (such as gluing Sam's hand on Cat's foot) and brags about her son winning it for the past 3 years.


She is very greedy and will do anything to let Butler win, including gluing Sam's hand to Cat's foot so she can't text. She also likes taking credit for things she didn't do by claiming that "[she and Butler] won for the past three years", even though it was only Butler.



Butler is Sharon's son. He apparently hates her due to her never letting him do anything except text and not being allowed to have his own bike. She doesn't seem to really care about Butler as she only wants him to win. She has done several bad things to him, such as taking credit for his work, pushing him past his limits, sitting on him, and not allowing him to have his own bike.


Sharon: If she doesn't know her own name, then she should probably be disqualified, right? [starts clapping] Disqualify her! Disqualify her! Disqualify her!

Sharon: Butler! Stop enjoying your childhood!



  • She only cares about Butler winning the texting competition so she can meet the vice president.
  • She doesn't like guessing.
  • Her life was nothing before Butler became successful.
  • She takes Butler wherever he wants to.
  • She shares many similarities to Marissa Benson from iCarly.
  • Her first name wasn't said in the episode. It is known because of credits.


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