The Snorrch website., is a site featured in #ToddlerClimbing where people write reviews about services, like restaurants and stores.


Sam and Cat learn that they have bad reviews about their babysitting service, that are all fake. Then, Sam called her friend Freddie, who went on this website and finding out that all these reviews have been done by one person, according to their IP address, and helped her to find out who it was. Then, they met George, Grant, and Richard, another babysitters, that used this site to make people believing that they are bad babysitters. After having sent Dice to spy them and finding out that the babysitting are doing bets about babies climbing a wall, which is illegal, Sam and Cat force the babysitters to delete all their fake comments.


  • This site redirects to in real life.
  • They seem to have good reputation because Mrs. Dooley believed the negative reviews about Sam and Cat's business despite how insane they sounded.
  • Snorrch is probably a parody of Yelp!.
  • This website hasn't been mentioned again and it's unknown if parents we see in the episode actually wrote reviews on this website.