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"Cat, you might be here for a while."
Dice to Cat in the box.

Season 1, Episode 30
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March 22, 2014 [1]

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Dan Schneider & Warren Bell


Dan Frischman


2.469 million[2]

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#StuckInABox is the 30th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam walks in on Cat riding her bike, which was hanging from the ceiling. Cat explains that she had a guy named Chico attach her bike to the ceiling. Sam then shows Cat that she had gotten them free tickets to Mystic Mountain and she hit them because Mystic Mountain was trying to fix their rides and they needed people to ride them and see if the rides were safe, so Sam had got them tickets so that they'd be able to go on the rides without waiting. Then, Dice comes in with Goomer, who was holding a magic box. The magic box was supposed to make anyone inside it disappear. He wants to demonstrate, but Sam doesn't want to be his assistant. Goomer offers to be the assistant, but he's too big to enter. Cat ends up being the assistant. However, when Dice pulls the lever that would open the box to reveal that Cat is gone, it won't open. Goomer tries to open it, but he ends up pulling off the entire lever; Cat was trapped in the box.

Sam and Dice can't get the box open. Cat is panicking because she wanted to go to Mystic Mountain. Sam, Dice, Goomer, and Cat go to Bots so that Sam can get some ideas and Cat can have some fries that will go through a hole in the box. Goomer asks Tandy if he can shoot a laser and open the box. However, the laser ricochets off the box and hits Goomer's hamburger. Goomer throws the flaming burger onto another table and Tandy makes a run for it. That night, Cat has to sleep on her bed in the box. Cat won't stop talking about how she's been going to Hollywood Arts High School for years and she still can't figure out whether she wants to be a singer or an actress. Sam leaves, right before Cat starts singing a rendition of "Beautiful Dreamer".

Cat has some orange juice and a raw egg for breakfast that morning and Sam has a bunch of pancakes and bacon. Dice and Goomer come in where Goomer sticks a drawing of Cat on the box. Dice then explains that he got the magic box from a magic store that was run by a mean guy named Vance Anderson. He's the only guy in L.A. who would be able to open the box, but Vance was always calling Dice a terrible magician. Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer go to the magic store, where Vance immediately falls for Sam. This annoys Sam. Vance tells Dice that all he needed to do to get the box open was hit a button on the box. However, when Dice hits the button, it doesn't work. Vance tries it himself and states that the box is defective, to which he doesn't care. Sam takes Vance outside after he continues flirting with her and then starts to beat him. Dice and Goomer see what they think is blood on the floor. Sam comes back and says that she had knocked over his can of red paint. Sam, Dice, and Goomer bring Cat to Mystic Mountain while she was still in the box, but then they hit a speed bump and the box falls out of the car.


Sam: [walks in and sees Cat pedaling her bike, which is hanging from the ceiling] Whoa! [sarcastically] Not the weirdest thing I've ever walked in on.
Cat: So, where you been?
Sam: Oh, you know, just getting us these! [hold up tickets]
Cat: Tickets!
Sam: Uh-huh.
Cat: Well, are they to something?
Vance: Did you take my advice and give up magic?
Dice: No!
Goomer: Why should Dice give up magic?
Vance: [scoffs] Because he's a terrible magician.
Goomer: [to Dice] Hey, you never told me you were a terrible magician!
Sam: [to Dice] Dice, go clean up our kitchen.
Dice: No!
Sam: Then why are you here?!
Dice: It won't open!
Sam: Ha! I love it! Can we get my mom in there?
Dice: Cat?
Cat: Yeah?
Dice: You, uh, might be in there for a while.
Cat: What?!
Sam: I hope there's a magic toilet in there.
Goomer: [riding Cat's bike that's hanging from the ceiling] Look at me! I'm going nowhere!
Sam: Yeah, that pretty much sums up your life.
Cat: What's happening?
Sam: Nothing. You okay in there?
Cat: Yeah. It's kinda cozy. It reminds me of my closet where I used to hide from my brother.
Goomer: Why would you hide from your brother?
Cat: Just, you know, to survive.
Dice: Mystic Mountain?!
Goomer: That's my second favorite place on Earth!
Sam: What's your first?
Goomer: How would I know?
Dice: Can I go to Mystic Mountain with you guys?
Sam: Oh, sorry. I only got two tickets.
Cat: But you said you got four tickets.
Sam: [bangs the crowbar against the box]
Cat: Clang!

Cat: Sam?
Sam: Yeah?
Cat: You promise me you're eating a healthy breakfast?
Sam: Super healthy. Just eating some fresh fruit.
Cat: I smell bacon.
Sam: Oh, that's, uh, that's just my new shampoo.
Cat: Cool. Hey, you didn't make a mess in the kitchen, did you?
Sam: No, no. Kitchen's all clean.
Cat: Hey, can I have some more juice?
Sam: Yeah, sure. [places tube in glass of orange juice] Okay, you ready?
Cat: Uh-huh.
Sam: Suck.
Cat: [drinks glass of orange juice] Ahh... Sam?
Sam: Yeah?
Cat: I'm hungry.
Sam: Well, I don't have any food that's gonna fit through the- [realizes something] Wait a second. You want an egg?
'Cat: Yeah, I love eggs!
Sam: [cracks egg in glass] Okay, suck.
'Cat: ["eats" raw egg, coughs] Oh, ew!
Sam: Want another egg?
'Cat: No, please!


  • The box that Cat was locked in said "нестају кутија" in Serbian Cyrillic text, which translates roughly to "the box is gone."
  • The opening titles to this episode were orange instead of blue.
  • Because of the plot, Cat is truly shown only at the first scene then is trapped in Dice's magic box for the rest of the episode.
  • This episode was filmed on January 23, 2014.
  • This is the fifth episode in which they aren't babysitting. The first four are #ToddlerClimbing #TheKillerTunaJump, #YayDay, and #BrainCrush.
  • The person who plays Vance Anderson also plays Phillip Brownley in the iCarly episode iMight Switch Schools - the person who came to inform Carly about moving schools.
  • Grande had very little screen time in this episode because she was writing and recording music for her then-upcoming second studio album My Everything, thus she had to pre-record all of Cat's lines.
    • For the drinking and eating scenes, they had somebody else do it instead of Ariana.


  • Cat sang "Beautiful Dreamer" while she was in bed, the song Drake, Craig, and Eric sang at the end of Drake & Josh episode, "Eric Punches Drake".

Character revelations

  • Cat sometimes hides from her brother in the closet.
  • Cat wants to be either a singer or an actress.


  • In #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, Bungle hosed Nona when she said the word, "fire." However, in this episode, when a lady said, "fires," while standing right in front of Bungle, Bungle didn't do anything.
  • It is unknown how Cat got out of the box as she is out of it in the next episode.
  • In this episode, you can see Goomer driving Cat’s brothers car, you can see the seat belt is normal, but in the Victorious, episode “Car, Rain, and Fire” Cat’s brother car has a rope replacing the seat belt.
    • It could be possible that he took the rope out and put the seat belt back.
  • Cat said that Sam said that she had four tickets, but Sam never said she had four tickets; she just said that she had tickets.
    • Also, it is unknown why Sam would get four tickets if she wasn't planning on having Dice and Goomer with them.
  • Cat would've got sick after eating raw eggs.

Running gags

  • Cat going on about Mystic Mountain.
  • Goomer calling Dice a terrible magician.
  • Vance and Dice arguing.
  • Sam attempting to open the box using various objects only to be stopped by Dice.

Series continuity

  • Dice's magic tricks from #Twinfection re-appear.
  • Mystic Mountain is an amusement park from Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and Victorious.
  • Hollywood Arts High School is mentioned again.
  • Cat mentions how she wants to be an actress or a singer when she grows up. This might be a reference to Victorious because Cat sang in the show. This also might be reference to Ariana Grande's acting and singing career.
  • Cat's mentions her brother as she did many times in Victorious.
  • Yerba is mentioned again.
  • This is the sixth time Cat's been trapped somewhere. The first five are Locked Up!, Terror on Cupcake Street, The Breakfast Bunch, Wanko's Warehouse, and #SecretSafe.
  • Cat hanging her bike from the ceiling may be a reference to the iCarly episode iPromote Techfoots where Carly reveals Spencer does that.
  • Cat's brother's car that was seen in the Victorious episode "Car, Rain, and Fire" is being used by Goomer.
  • Cat saying that she used to hide in her closet from her brother might be a reference to Victorious episode, "Opposite Date," when Jade West (while impersonating Cat) said that her brother locked her in the closet.
  • Tandy's finger laser from #Lumpatious returns.
  • This is the third and last episode to have a scene in a car, after #MyPoober and #MagicATM.

 International premieres

  • October 17, 2014 (UK & Ireland)
  • October 28, 2014 (Quebec)