"Oh no!"
— Tandy’s catchphrase.

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Sir robot (by Lucas)



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Blue (sometimes red)
(Black when powered off)

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Zerp (possibly)

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Dan Schneider (voice)

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Tandy is a red robot that works at Bots. Despite being a robot, he is referred as male.



He may have dated Bungle in his earlier years, then made mistakes such as forgetting her birthday. According to Bungle, he liked her at the Christmas party.

Sam & Cat

He is seen almost every time Sam and Cat are at Bots. Bungle is apparently still not over him but tolerates being around him.


As a robot, Tandy doesn't have much of a personality. He is programmed to be polite, but he is still a misanthrope (someone who hates humans).



Tandy and Bungle may have used to date sometime before being seen on the show. At the time, she was mad at the mistakes he made, such as forgetting her birthday. They are currently friends, but Bungle is still not over him.


Eventually all humans will die, and robots will rule the Earth!
May I scan your face?
Cheese! [squirts cheese in Oscar's face]
Can we please not do this in front of the humans?
She's, not my type.
That was one time!
Hello! Ask me about our new pork puffs!
I never loved you!
I may be a machine, but I will live forever. Unlike you humans who will one day all be dead!



  • Tandy seems to be the one, along with Zerp, who delivers the food to the table because it is shown in #BabysitterWar serving the food and Zerp has food inside its core.
  • He seems to not like humans and think robots will take over the world, because in #ToddlerClimbing. It said "Eventually, all humans will die and robots will rule the Earth."
  • He is the main robot in #MotorcycleMystery, where he scans Cat's face and shows her and Sam security footage from the inner and outside of Bots when Sam and Cat want to know who stole Sam's motorcycle.
  • Tandy is able to use different tools with its hands, as shown in #OscarTheOuch.
  • Tandy often searches the web and scans things for information.
  • He doesn't seem to care too much for the patrons as he allowed men with loaded spearguns to enter the restaurant with them, and a man with a poisonous tarantuala.
  • Though it was implied several times, he's confirmed as a misanthrope in #PeezyB.
  • His main job appears to be giving people extra help.
  • His eye turns red when saying bad things, such as when saying, "Eventually all humans will die, and robots will rule the earth."
  • He can shoot lasers.
  • Tandy allows a poker game to be played after hours at Bots, as long as they don't tell his boss.
  • Sam and Jade broke him in #TheKillerTunaJump. Luckily for him, he was fixed later.
  • Tandy knows how to play Poker, revealed in #TheKillerTunaJump.
  • Tandy is the first non-minor vocal role of Dan Schneider on his shows.


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