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That's a Drag!
Production information
Original channel Channel 7
Original run 2010 - June 15, 2013

That's a Drag! is a fictional sitcom that appears in Sam & Cat in the episode #FavoriteShow. It was Sam and Cat's favorite television show. Despite being a big hit, the show cancelled without a proper finale. The fictional show was produced by Jeff Du Shell.


The sitcom revolves around a family who has a gender-reversed clothing scheme where men wear dresses and the women wear suits, hence the title "Drag". One of the final episodes of the series is about the grandfather passing away.


  • This show may be an allusion to Victorious, because it's situation is quite similar to Victorious, which was also cancelled without a proper finale.
  • The "&" symbol which is found at the very beginning of the theme song and at the very end of the theme song is also found on the set of That's a Drag!. It is found above the brown door and the orange doors in the house. You can see it when Sam is following the rope so she can get Bob out of the light.
  • Since only the family is shown with their reversed clothing scheme, it is unclear whether other characters in the universe adopt the scheme or criticize them for it.
  • In the finale episode of Sam & Cat's predecessor Victorious, "Victori-Yes", That's a Drag! can be seen on Tori's TV guide.
  • In the show, the laptop is marked with a light-up yellow banana-shaped logo. This is obviously a parody of the Pear, which in turn is a parody of the real life Apple Inc., hence being a double-parody.
  • In the Dutch version of the show, That's a Drag! is titled Soup Dresses.
  • In the French version of the show, That's a Drag! is titled Habille-toi comme une fille!, which means literally Dress Up Like a Girl!.
  • The show is briefly featured in the Henry Danger episode Dream Busters.