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"The British are coming, the British are coming!"
Dice alerting Sam and Cat that Gwen and Ruby are coming.

Season 1, Episode 3
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June 22, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Adam Weissman


3.105 million [2]

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#TheBritBrats[1] is the 3rd episode of Sam & Cat.


Cat comes home from school to find Sam trying to finish an assignment of proof of four monthly hours of community service for online school. Her submission consists of clearly Photo Docked (photoshopped) pictures of herself feeding "homeless animals". Cat doesn't believe that these photos will get her a good mark, but the topic changes to that of a somewhat bland-tasting foreign fruit that Cat bought for Gwen and Ruby, two British girls they will babysit later, and then Sam brings up the fact that British kids like bibble, which makes Cat freak out.

When Gwen and Ruby arrive, Cat gets a text from Nona wanting her to help her set up a bingo game, so Sam goes to Elderly Acres to get Nona to sign her assignment form. However, in order to do so, Sam must actually do community service requirement to get the signature she needs. Nona asks Sam to help her set up a good bingo game because Nona desperately wants people to like it, and makes a deal that in return for Sam's cooperation, she will sign the form. Sam reluctantly obliges.

Dice then visits Cat, selling here a 'spife' (a hybrid of a spoon and a knife) and offers one to Gwen and Ruby. Gwen texts her uncle to see if she can buy one, but Dice sees that the phone is a PearPhone 6, which has not been released yet. They reveal that their father is the PearPhone owner and has all the new PearPhone months before the release for public. Dice asks if he can buy one, and Gwen eventually yes when he proposes to buy 5 phones for $500.

Back at Elderly Acres, Sam hosts a new bingo game named 'Extreme Bingo', but for the introduction, she set up extreme music for elders and a rapper. In about few minutes, Nona tells Sam all of the elders left. Later in the building, Gwen and Ruby sell the phones to Dice, but when he opens the box, he finds that it is filled with rocks. Cat sarcastically with her usual clueless tone notes that "they really changed the design".

Sam comes home and sees that Dice had fallen for the rock in the box trick. Sam realizes that they're con artists, and wants to help Dice get revenge, but Cat thinks it's a misunderstanding. When she arrives at their apartment, she is told by Gwen that she was sure there were phones in the box, but before the girls can return the money, Cat notices Ruby is eating bibble. They tell her that they have a big barrel of it, and Cat eagerly exchanges her bike to by the barrel of bibble. She opens it and finds cotton swabs. She tries to talk to Gwen and Ruby, but by this time, they are quite annoyed with the 'con artist' accusation and they spray her with a hose.

Sam thinks they're gullible and they all decide to get revenge on them, so Sam and Cat concoct a plan to con the con artists. Soon, Gwen and Ruby are walking past Sam and Cat's apartment, where they read off a dialogue about a bingo game in Elderly Acres. The reward is a flat screen TV worth over $3,000, and the lucky card is #54. The dialogue details that Sam, a scam expert, tries to convince an inexperienced and worried Cat to partake in a scam using the lucky card and take the TV.

At Elderly Acres that night, Sam has set up a tamer version of the previous night's bingo game, now dubbed 'Slightly Less Extreme Bingo', and announces the winning prize: the flat screen TV mentioned earlier. Ruby and Gwen arrive with Cat's bike and Sam reluctantly allows them to play. Nona is selling bingo cards, and Cat buys one from her. The card turns out to be #54, and upon hearing it, Gwen and Ruby try to buy it off Nona with a higher price. Gwen, Ruby, and Cat engage in a bidding war over the card. Finally, Gwen and Ruby make an accepted final offer of $500 for the card, much to Cat's dismay, and in the end of the bingo game, they win.

We are led to believe that as part of the plan, Cat will trick the girls into gambling away their winnings, but this abruptly seems to fall apart when the police arrive and say that it's illegal to have a bingo game's prize over $2,000. Cat even reveals it was Nona's idea to set the game up, which Nona denies. Afterwards, one of the cops drags Gwen and Ruby outside while the other prepares to arrest Sam, Cat and Nona, turning into a massive argument. As Gwen and Ruby are being led away, Cat smiles at them.

While Gwen and Ruby try to bargain with the cop not to get another jail sentence, everyone is mad at the other cop for trying to shut down the bingo game. Just then, Hank returns and says, "The British girls are gone!", revealing that everyone is part of the plot. Dice gets his money back, Cat gets her bike back, Sam gets her signature, and Dice gives spives to everyone.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Ruby are seen outside a dumpster. They frantically try to call out for someone to pick them up and take them home. Then someone yells, "Cut!" and they break the fourth wall by cheering about doing a Sam & Cat episode.


Cat: Hi, and welcome to our American apartment!
Gwen: Nice to meet you!
Ruby: Good afternoon.
Cat: Hi, I'm Cat and that's Sam.
Sam: I'm the mean one.
Cat: Well we could make some tea.
Sam: You could do our laundry.
Cat: We could play games.
Sam: You could rub my feet.
Cat: We could sing songs.
Sam: While you rub my feet.
Cat: Just shut up and take my money!
Dice: The British are coming, the British are coming!
Sam: Oh, there's a scratch on this number, I should probably just toss this one in the trash...
Gwen: Just say the number!
Ruby: Get on with it!
Sam: B7.
Ruby and Gwen: BINGO!
Cat: No! There will not be busting of young British heads!
Cat: I fell off my bike, but I don't think I broke any of my parts.
Sam: Ah, you'll break something later.
Cat: I'M BAAAACK!!!! I got bibble! I got bibble! I'm back and I got bibble! Wooooo!
Dice: Did you get my money back?!
Cat: Yes! At first.
Sam: And then what?
Cat: Then, they had this big bin jug of bibble, which I bought! Where's my spife? [looks for her spife and finds it] There's my spife!
Sam: Wait, how much did you spend on that can?
Cat: The can was free, I just paid for the bibble inside.
Dice: How much?
Cat: $500, plus my bike! Don't judge me.
Sam: You gave those little Brit Brats all Dice's money?
Cat: And my bike! Everybody clear? Everybody up to speed? I hope so, 'cause I gotta eat me some bibble! [opens can, finds cotton swabs] Cotton swaabs?!


  • This episode was filmed from February 11, 2013 to February 15, 2013. 
  • Sophia Grace and Rosie guest star in this episode as Gwen and Ruby.
  • Bibble appeared in this episode. [3]
  • In one of the transitions, one of the pictures is a photo Mr. Oldman from The Amanda Show, who gets prank called.
  • The fruit which Cat calls "Plum figgles" is actually Dragon fruit.
  • Gwen and Ruby broke the fourth wall during the credits.
  • The PearPhone 6 appeared for the first time in this episode.
  • The instrumental that Sam played in Extreme Bingo is a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen song "Tonight I'm Getting Over You".
  • When acting out the dialogue with Sam, Cat says "Yag!" and Sam tells her "You're supposed to say 'Yay!" When Cat says the correct line, Sam mouths "sorry." Her somewhat mediocre way of spelling out words when typing in a hurry was referenced in an episode of iCarly where Sam hurriedly sent Carly a series of texts to tell her what to say to defend her, but the word "girl" in one of the texts was accidentally replaced with "girf."
  • The Elder of the Month on the wall of Elderly Acres is Nona.
  • The cast shot a video dancing to the Harlem Shake during the production of this episode.[4]
  • This is the prequel to #RevengeOfTheBritBrats.
  • The program that Sam uses to make the picture of her feeding a donkey is GIMP.


  • Sitcoms from the 80s and 90s are referenced when the uncle says "Cheers" before leaving Gwen and Ruby, and Sam and Cat reply with "Seinfeld" and "Friends".
  • Nona says "You can twit about it on your Tweeter", referring to Twitter and tweeting. However, she mixed up the words.
  • Dice saying "The British are coming" is a reference to Paul Revere.
  • Dinosaur on a submarine from one of Sam's photo for online school is a reference to old Nickelodeon "Dinosaur Egg" bumper.
  • This episode's plotline is a parody of 1976 Heist movie "The Sting" featuring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Where two grifters out conned a con-artist just like how the two British girls were set up. Even down to the cop raid.

Character revelations

  • Sam has a cousin named Hose Water who apparently has hair everywhere.
  • According to Ruby, the sisters have previously been in jail. The cop asks if they want to end up in jail and the girls reply with "No!" and "Not again!"
  • Cat's still addicted to Bibble and is banned from the bibble store.


  • Gwen and Ruby are seen riding to Elderly Acres on Cat's bike, but the bike is only for one person.
  • Throughout the episode Gwen and Ruby say "dollars" however they are British should they should be saying "pounds"
  • Sam ate the "plum figgle", which is a dragon fruit in the real world, by biting directly into it. Dragon fruits aren't meant to have the outer shell eaten.
  • In the ending credits, Gwen and Ruby are calling for help in the dumpster, but they would know how to get out since the fake policeman led them in.
    • Probably they thought they'd get arrested if the policeman wouldn't let them out.

Running gags

  • Someone referring to the spife.
  • Cat's bibble addiction.

Series continuity

  • Sam is seen with the same backpack she wore in iCarly.
  • Cat still has her bibble addiction from "Tori Goes Platinum".
  • Cat smells Ruby's breath after she discovers that Ruby is eating bibble. She did much the same thing to Mason Thornsmith's son in the Victorious episode "Robbie Sells Rex".
  • When acting out the dialogue with Sam, Cat says "Yag!" and Sam tells her "You're supposed to say 'Yay!'". When Cat says the correct line, Sam mouths "sorry". Her somewhat mediocre way of spelling out words when typing in a hurry was referenced in an episode of iCarly where Sam hurriedly sent Carly a series of texts to tell her what to say to defend her, but the word "girl" in one of the texts was accidentally replaced with "girf".
  • This episode begins the running gag of Dice's hairs.

International premieres

  • October 12, 2013 (Germany, Netherlands, Poland)
  • October 15, 2013 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • October 21, 2013 (UK & Ireland)
  • November 2, 2013 (Latin America)
  • November 6, 2013 (Portugal, Italy)
  • November 13, 2013 (France)
  • November 18, 2013 (Spain)
  • February 26, 2014 (Greece)
  • March 9, 2014 (Hungary)