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"Motorcycle jump. We throw a ramp right here, we set one up over there, we put some bleachers in the back here, then we charge people a bunch of money to watch someone jump the tuna."
Sam to her friends.

Season 1, Episode 23-24
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January 18, 2014

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Dan Schneider & Warren Bell


Adam Weissman


4.841 million[2]

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#TheKillerTunaJump: #Freddie #Jade #Robbie (often just shortened to #TheKillerTunaJump and also known as The Great Tuna Jump: Reunion Special[3]) is the 23rd and 24th episode of Sam & Cat. This is the first special of the show, and it features the return of some iCarly and Victorious characters.


Sam and Cat with Freddie

Sam is making a sauce better than all sauces by mixing a bunch of sauces that she thinks will go with any food or meal. Cat tries it and then spits it all over Sam's shirt. Dice runs in and says that he was recently playing poker with BJ Malloy, Randy, Brody, Tandy, and some other guy. Brody bet Dice all the tuna. Dice believes that he was talking about money and wins the bet. However, it turns out that Brody really meant Kansas Razorback Tuna, not money. He can't sell them because they taste terrible when cooked. Sam goes to get another shirt and then, Cat's friend from Hollywood Arts, Jade West, arrives to work on their school project, but Cat tries to keep her out. Dice asks why, and Cat says that it was because Sam and Jade's personalities are similar, and if they ever met, they would kill each other. Sam comes back with another shirt just as Jade comes back in. Sam and Jade say hi to each other, causing Cat to pass out. When she wakes up, she hears violent noises and voices. She thinks Sam and Jade are beating each other up, but they're actually playing a video game involving bats and are really hitting it off. Sam, Jade, and Cat go to Fisherman's Wharf, where Dice is keeping his tuna. Sam plans to jump the tuna, but Cat doesn't want Sam to do so. Sam and Jade go to get some food at Lettuce Eat Lunch.

Sam and Jade's friendship continues, but Cat feels left out. Cat tries to make them jealous by hanging out with Dice and Nona. Predictably, this doesn't work. Nona says that where she came from, if someone's friend got stolen, they would steal a friend of theirs. This gives Cat an idea. While Sam takes a shower, Cat steals Sam's phone and calls Sam's friend and ex-boyfriend, Freddie Benson. Cat says that Sam got run over by a sports utility vehicle and now had fractured bones, bleeding gums, and broken buttocks. Freddie, who was at his apartment in Seattle, quickly goes to L.A. The next day, he arrives at their apartment. Cat flirts with Freddie and then starts hanging out with him. They eat lunch at Bots and Sam and Jade, who are also at Bots, sees them. Cat tries to make Sam jealous now that Sam saw Freddie and Cat then brings Freddie somewhere else. Sam is angry with Cat, so Jade shows Sam a picture of her friend, Robbie Shapiro. All Sam has to do to get even with Cat is to start hanging out with Robbie. Later, Freddie and Cat walk in on Robbie singing a song he wrote called "I Think You're Swell" to Sam. Cat stops him, furious because Robbie had dedicated that song to her and performed it to her over a year ago. Sam and Cat argue about stealing each other's friends and finally, Cat says that she can jump the tuna if she wants and Cat doesn't care what happens to her.

On the night where Sam is scheduled to jump the tuna at Fisherman's Wharf, Sam looks for her gloves. Cat shoves Sam in the closet and locks the door. Cat tries to save Sam's life by taking the motorcycle Dice got for Sam and going to Fisherman's Wharf. There, Cat pretends to be Sam. Meanwhile, Freddie and Robbie go to watch the jump in a crane above the tuna tank. Sam slams her way out of the closet and tries to save Cat's life by stopping her. She gets on her old motorcycle and rides to Fisherman's Wharf just as Cat is about to jump the tuna. Cat rides toward the tank but falls. Freddie and Robbie, who are in the crane, fall into the tank. Sam sees Freddie in the tank and jumps in. She saves his life, but leaves Robbie in there. Cat tries to save Robbie but she runs into the tank. Freddie and Robbie are severely injured. Sam suggests to Freddie that they go out to dinner after he heals and Freddie agrees. Robbie asks Cat if they can go out together and Cat agrees. Robbie then starts singing "I Think You're Swell" again, but Freddie, muffled by his bandages, yells and calls the nurse.


Dice: Hi.
Jade: Nice hair. What are you?
Cat: [runs frantically] Jade! [pushes Dice aside, closes door] What are you doing here?
Jade: You said you wanted to work on our project.
Cat: At your house, not here!
Jade: Whatever. Let's just go in...
Cat: [shoves Jade to stop her] No, you can't!
Jade: Okay, did you forget to take your special vitamins today?
Cat: No, uh yes! I better go take them now. Now just stay here and don't move.
Jade: I do what I want.

Cat: [looking through Sam's Pear Phone] Oh, a person with a Seattle area code! [begins calling]
[cut to the shot of the apartment complex hallway, with Freddie walking by, just outside where Carly and Spencer reside, home of "iCarly"]
Freddie: [his phone rings, picks it up] Oh, it's Sam. [makes grunting noises, and answers his phone] Uh, yeah. Hey Sam, what's up?
Cat: It's not Sam, it's Cat, her roommate.
Freddie: Oh. Well, hi, Cat.
Cat: Hi, is this "Benson comma Freddie"?
Freddie: Yeah.
Cat: Okay great, now are you a friend of Sam's?
Freddie: Yeah, sure. You could say that.
Mrs. Benson: Who are you talking to?
Freddie: [annoyed] Mom, please!
Mrs. Benson: Are you staring at Carly's door again?
Freddie: No.
Mrs. Benson: She is in Italy, and she will never love you.
Freddie: [roars mockingly]
Cat: Hello! Come to LA right now!
Freddie: To... to LA?
Cat: Yes, it stands for Los Angeles.
Freddie: I know, but why do I need to come there?
Cat: Um, it's about Sam.
Freddie: Oh, what did she get arrested for this time?
Cat: No, no. She was, she was run over by a sports utility vehicle!
Freddie: Sam got run over?!
Cat: Yeah, it's real bad. You know, bleeding gums, fractured bones, broken buttocks. Better get here fast.
Freddie: Wha-- Okay, okay! I mean, do you think she will be alright?
Cat: No more questions! [hangs up]
Mrs. Benson: I have an itch!
Freddie: That's not my responsibility!

Cat: Well hello, Freddie Benson.
Freddie: Hi, is Sam okay? Is she in the hospital?
Cat: No, she's just in here.
Freddie: Oh, thanks. Sam? Sam, where are you? Sam?
Cat: Oh, Sam's not here.
Freddie: But, didn't you just say she was...?
Cat: Well, aren't you a handsome boy full of questions.
Freddie: Look, I'm really worried about my friend S-- handsome?
Cat: Sure beans.
Freddie: Well, thanks. So, you're Cat?
Cat: Yeah. Cat Valentine. Why? You like cats?
Freddie: Yeah so, so you're Sam's roommate.
Cat: Uh-huh.
Freddie: The girl who called me last night?
Cat: Yeah, did you add me to your contacts?
Freddie: No.
Cat: Well, there's time for that.

Sam: [snatches a killer tuna from the tank and holds it up]
Dice: That fish doesn't look so vicious.
Sam: [pushes it toward Dice]
Fish: [bites at Dice]
Dice: Whoa!
Sam: [tosses the fish back in the tank] Check this out. [pulls out a sandwich] Sandwich. [tosses the sandwich in the tank; all the tuna eat it]
Cat: Oh, they're vicious!
Jade: You always keep a sandwich in your pocket?
Sam: Try to.
Dice: What am I gonna do? You know how much money I'm gonna lose on these dumb fish?
Sam: Hang on, hang on a sec. Uh, how, uh, how big would you guys say this tank is?
Jade: Uh, 'bout 25 feet.
Cat: Well, I'd say it's about 21 feet.
Man: Hey! That tank is exactly 25 feet across! So the redhead is wrong!
Sam: Hey, Dice. I think I might know how you can make some money off these tuna fish.
Cat: Whatcha thinking?
Jade: Motorcycle jump?
Sam: Motorcycle jump. We throw a ramp right here, we set one up over there, we put some bleachers in the back here, then we charge people a bunch of money to watch someone jump the tuna.
Cat: That's crazy!
Jade: I love it.
Dice: That's perfect.
Cat: I'm on board.

Cat: [laughs]
Freddie: I didn't say anything funny.
Sam: [sees Freddie from a table] What the-? Is that-? No way.
Jade: What, Cat?
Sam: No, it's Fr- come with me. [walks toward Freddie and Cat]
Cat: Oh! Well, look who's here.
Freddie: Sam! There you are! Hi!
Sam: [pushes Freddie down] What are you doing?! What is happening here?
Freddie: I came down to L.A. because I thought you got run over by-
Cat: Oh, hey. This is my friend, Jade. Jade, how cute is my new friend, Freddie?
Jade: Yeah, he's a pretty little chunk-a-boy.
Freddie: Well, this is awkward.
Sam: Your entire life is awkward. You should be used to it by now.
Freddie: [to Cat] She makes a good point.

Cat: [comes in with Freddie and sees Robbie] Ah!
Robbie: [singing] ...swell. I think you're swell.
Robbie: [falls off couch] Whoa!
Sam: Oh, Cat. You're back! Robbie was just singing me a little song he wrote called-
Cat: I know what it's called! He wrote that song for me!
Robbie: Cat!
Cat: I'm swell! Me! [turns to Sam] He sang that to me over a year ago!
Sam: Well, he's singing it to me now.
Freddie: My life really is awkward.
Cat: Robbie. I thought you and me had something special.
Robbie: Well, it seems like you've got something special with a lotta fellas!
Sam: Ha! Good one, glasses!
Cat: Why did you call Robbie and invite him here?!
Sam: Oh. Why did you call Freddie?
Cat: Robbie is in love with me!
Sam: So? Freddie's in love with me!
Freddie: [indignantly] Now wait a second!
Robbie: If you're so in love with Sam, then why have you been running around Los Angeles with Cat? You deserve this! (tries to punch Freddie a couple of times) It'd probably do a lot of sit-ups.
Freddie: [To Sam] Why are you mad at me?
Sam: Cause you came here to LA and all you care about is hanging with Cat.
Freddie: Um, I came here because I thought you broke your buttocks. Gah! I said buttocks in front of girls again.
Cat: You know, none of this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't stolen my friend Jade.
Sam: Oh what kind of friend are you? Bringing Freddie here and flirting with him when you know he's the only guy I've ever loved.
Freddie: What now?
Sam: I'm exaggerating to make a point.
Robbie: I don't understand any of this!
Freddie: Well let me help you understand. You and I are being used. (Crosses Arms)
Robbie: Really? Sam?
Sam: Maybe I used ya a little.
Robbie: YES!!!
Freddie: You're happy about that?
Robbie: Oh hecks yeah. Up until this point of my life, my problem has been a lack of use. So if I must be a pawn in the game of love then I say play ball!
Freddie: So you have no self respect?
Robbie: Not a lick.

Jade: It's Frobbie! Somebody rescue Frobbie!
Freddie: Please don't call us that!

Freddie: [on phone] Mom, what is it? HOW DID YOU KNOW I SAID BUTTOCKS?!

Jade: Where I come from, and that's a dark, dark place, we don't get mad. We get even. Well, we get mad and then we get even and sometimes we smear fake blood on their front door in the middle of the night, but that seems extreme in this case.

Cat: Well, yeah 'cause you stole my friend you kiss my kind-of-boyfriend, Robbie on his pink, patty lips and you said he was tasty.
Sam: I lied about the tasty.
Cat: I know, I've kissed him.


Dan's tweet confirming the special.[4] Dan also posted a video about the special, confirming it will be a one hour special.[5]

  • Similar to the iCarly episode iSaved Your Life, Jade became another girl that slapped Sam on the butt which marks this episode the second time this moment has happened again.
    • Ironically, this episode aired 4 years after iSaved Your Life.
  • Dan Schneider tweeted about this episode on October 3rd, 2013. [6][7]
  • This episode features characters from iCarly and Victorious besides Sam and Cat.
  • The title is a reference to "jumping the shark," related to the Happy Days episode where Fonzie jumps over a shark on water skis.
  • Jennette posted a tweet on the 24th of October 2013 that said "Guess who's guest starring in this Sam and Cat Special" which was followed by a Vine post, which shows Nathan Kress, Elizabeth Gillies, and Matt Bennett will be guest starring in their respective characters of Freddie Benson from iCarly, Jade West and Robbie Shapiro of Victorious.[8] In a tweet, Ariana also confirmed that Liz Gillies, Matt Bennett and Nathan Kress will be guest starring.[9]
  • During iParty With Victorious, Sam and Jade were singing Leave It All to Shine and this is the first time where they officially meet.
    • Also Cat and Freddie were apart of the same performance and this also marks their first interaction.
  • The episode reignites the Seddie relationship from iCarly and the Cade and Cabbie relationships from Victorious.
  • This is the only one hour episode of Sam & Cat.
  • Although this episode marks the first and only appearance of Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies, their characters already appeared in #MommaGoomer.
  • Sam kissed Robbie in this episode.[10]
  • Marissa Benson appeared in this episode.
  • Mary Scheer hasn't done any noted television or movie acting since iCarly, so this is her first notable role since 2012 except for a cameo in 2 Broke Girls as a nurse.
  • This is the second crossover between the Victorious and iCarly casts.
    • Not counting Sam & Cat on its own, also note that not the entire cast is present.
  • Sam's stage name in this episode is 'Dirty Sam' as seen on her stunt helmet and motorcycle, because it was planned for the Dirty Skipper.
  • Jennette McCurdy didn't use a stunt double to leap into the tank of vicious tuna, she did it herself.
  • Dan Schneider wrote fun facts about this episode on his blog.
  • The theme song for this episode has scenes from this episode as replacements.
  • Dan made several Seddie hints during his promotion for this episode.
  • This is the second episode where Sam and Cat weren't babysitting. The first one is #ToddlerClimbing.
    • On a side note, Freddie was involved in the plot of both episodes.
  • Nathan Kress and Matt Bennett had stunt doubles when they fell in the tuna tank.[11]
  • In a tweet by Dan Schneider he wrote "I'm thinking that #TheKillerTunaJump might need a... SEQUEL. Part Two, anyone?" This could have been a hint to plan an upcoming episode with recurring characters from both iCarly and Victorious.[12]
  • This is the first episode to receive more viewers than #Pilot, which premiered to 4.2 million viewers.
  • The man who works at Fisherman's Wharf is standing next to boxes that say "Cups" and "Dishes and Bowls" in Chinese.
  • The main titles for this episode were in yellow and orange, instead of blue.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of Freddie Benson, Marissa Benson, Robbie Shapiro, and Jade West on any of Dan's shows, although Freddie, Robbie, and Jade later appeared in #BlooperEpisode through clips from episodes of iCarly and Victorious, and Freddie was mentioned and pictured in #SuperPsycho.
    • Nathan Kress and Matt Bennett's guest appearances in Henry Danger and Game Shakers do not count as Freddie and Robbie's other appearances, since the actors played themselves.
  • This episode is similar to the iCarly episode, iSaved Your Life, because, in the iCarly episode, Freddie saved Carly's life from a truck and in this episode, Sam saved Freddie's life from the vicious tuna fish that were biting him.
  • Counting the name of the three guests characters, the title of the episode is the longest of the show, longer than #BabysittingCommercial and #RevengeofTheBritBrats.
  • The special was Nickelodeon's highest rated telecast with kids 6-11 since 2012, and is currently Nickelodeon's highest rated scripted live action telecast to date.[13]
  • The two weeks promo say that Jade comes to see Sam's stunt and Freddie to stop it, which is false, although they got these intentions later. It also says that no one did this stunt and surviving, which isn't even mentioned.
  • Jade seems to be the only one to have a PearPhone at the wharf.
  • Cat and Jade's school project remains unknown for the whole episode and it is never known what grade they got for it.
  • On Netflix, this is listed as two episodes.
  • BJ from #TextingCompetion makes a reappearance in this episode so it is likely that Dice accepted him as a friend.
  • There were multiple deleted scenes from this episode due to time constraints:
    • One of these scenes is featured in the credits, Sam and Jade are leaving at the first Bots scene to go around Hollywood and to take pictures of weirdos.
    • Dan Schneider states on his fun facts blog that "After Robbie punches Freddie in the stomach, he makes a joke about Freddie doing a lot of sit-ups. After that, Robbie made another joke about Freddie being "yoked", something that can be seen on the two weeks promo.
    • Dan also states that after Sam came out of the closet and left the room, "Sam ran back in, opened the fridge, grabbed a turkey leg, ran back out, got on her motorcycle, then started her motorcycle".
    • As seen in the two weeks promo, Cat states in the first scene that she likes raisin bread.
    • In the Jam promo, Sam broke her phone with her hand without noticing it when she saw Freddie leaving Bots with Cat.
    • As shown during the credits of #DroneBabyDrone, during the Cat and Dice scene before Freddie arrives, Cat was rude to Dice because of how he's always complaining. Dice then ask why Cat is in a bad mood, but the line is cut. Then, we hear Dice talking about his tuna problem before the doorbell rings, meaning that Freddie is here.
    • BJ can be seen at the stunt spectacle, so he possibly had some scenes. He is shown to interact with Jade in a picture from the episode.


  • St. Schneider Hospital is a reference to Dan Schneider.
  • The episode is a reference to a Happy Days episode when Fonzie jumps over the shark.
  • The man providing the drum roll is in a Ringo Starr Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band costume.
  • Kansas Razorbacks might be based off the Arkansas Razorbacks.
  • When Robbie says on the platform that he's like "the king of the world", it's a reference to Titanic.

Character revelations

  • Sam tries to keep a sandwich in her pocket at all times.
  • Sam admits Freddie is the only guy she ever really loved, although she claims she was exaggerating.
  • Sam says to Cat "What kind of friend are you, bringing Freddie down here and flirting with him when you know he's the only guy I ever loved", which indicates that Sam and Cat have discussed Freddie and Sam's feelings for him before.
  • Jade reveals to Sam that Cat has had a crush on Robbie for a long time, and Cat admits that Robbie is her "kind of boyfriend."
  • Cat thinks that Sam is the scariest girl she has ever met and that Jade is the second scariest.
  • It is revealed that at some point Sam told Cat that she doesn't like her pizza cut in rectangles. When Cat cuts the pizza in rectangles, Sam yells at her saying that she knows Sam doesn't like it cut that way.
  • Tandy knows how to play poker.
  • Cat appears to be able to speak Spanish.
  • Dice has an assistant.
    • Additionally, Dice also has a lawyer.
  • Sam always showers on the 1st of the month.
  • Freddie sometimes stares at Carly's door.
  • It is revealed that the Bots manager lets them play poker after closing time.
  • Sam has a lot of restaurants in her contact list.
  • Cat hates horror movies and spiders.
  • Cat thought Sam and Jade would hate each other.
  • Nona dated a man whose last name was Beck.


  • It was strange how Cat didn't recognize Freddie after the iCarly-Victorious crossover iParty With Victorious since both of them sang together.
    • It is also strange that Jade, Sam and Robbie didn't recognize each other since Jade and Sam were also in the same performance singing together and Sam rap battled with Rex.
      • However it could be stated that iParty with Victorious is non-canon but it hasn't been confirmed.
  • Cat's outfit in the scene where Jade and Sam are playing video games, her outfit slightly changes. In the beginning of the scene, she is wearing an undershirt, in the middle, no undershirt, and in the end, she is wearing it again.
  • When Robbie falls off the couch, the guitar is about to land completely on a green mat. Then, after Freddie says "My life really is awkward," only the top of the guitar is on the mat. Then when Sam gets off the couch more of the guitar is on the mat. Then, when Robbie goes, "You deserve this!", the guitar is at an angle instead of straight.
  • Since Cat was participating in a dangerous stunt she would have to sign a liability waiver before doing so in the event she were to be injured or killed.
  • In the hospital, Freddie looks more injured than Robbie, but Robbie was in the tank longer than Freddie.
  • Robbie's legs and right arm were broken even though the only thing that happened was that the fish bit him.
    • Although they might have broken from the fall.
  • Freddie said to Cat that he's never said buttocks in front of a girl, but in "iMight Switch Schools", while Freddie was impersonating Spencer, he said buttocks in front of Sam. This may be a continuity error, or he may have forgotten or been lying.
  • Dice said the tuna eat humans but the tuna only bit Robbie and Freddie instead of eating them.
  • Jade said she was going to drive the motorcycle the second time but when she got on the motorcycle she was in the back.
    • Although they most likely joked when they said that.
  • When Sam grabbed the tuna from the tank you could hear a robotic noise from the tuna, like its mechanic.
  • Cat speaks Spanish in this episode, while in #MyPoober, she doesn't understand what Sam says in Spanish.
    • Since the scene where Cat doesn't understand Spanish was a bonus scene, it may be judged non-canon.
    • There is a chance Cat learned between episodes.
  • Outside of the hospital it says St. Schneider's Hospital but on the door there is a sign that says Peter Sinai Hospital, which is the hospital who was in #MadAboutShoe.
  • Dice says in #Pilot that he is a iCarly fan, but in this episode he didn't know who Freddie is.
    • This could be due to the fact that Freddie rarely appears in the web show.
  • In "The Wood", Jade states to hate tuna fish, but it's not mentioned in the episode, despite being one of the main focus. Plus, in Robarazzi, she mentioned eating tuna fish. She was also enthusiastic about seeing them at the wharf. Although it's possible she was referring to eating tuna fish.
  • Before the transition showing Sam and her stunt motorcycle four times with different colors, we can see a clip from #GoomerSitting of Sam, Dice and Goomer before a transition of the same type in this episode happens. In fact, right after the scene shown as a pic, there is a transition showing Goomer getting milk on the face four times with different colors.
  • On Netflix, some lines are cut for unknown reasons.
  • In the scene in front of Freddie's apartment, the layout of his apartment seen through the door is different than it was on iCarly. There previously wasn't a hallway in the apartment and it was shown to open straight into the living room.

Running gags

  • People asking if Cat forgot to take her special vitamins.
  • Dice having cool hair being mentioned.
  • A man who works at Fisherman's Wharf replies by yelling across the area.
  • Freddie not being able to say "buttocks" in front of a girl but ends up saying it in front of all three girls, if counting the time when he said it at his mom in Jade's presence.
  • Brody saying he's a spear fisherman.
  • People asking if they missed anything.
  • Freddie being asked/told that he skipped 1.

Series continuity

  • Freddie Benson and his mom Marissa Benson from iCarly return in this episode.
  • Jade West and Robbie Shapiro from Victorious return in this episode.
  • BJ Malloy returns in this episode, after #TextingCompetition.
  • Robbie sings "I Think You're Swell" from Victorious episode "The Blonde Squad", which is mentioned to have occurred over a year ago.
  • Mrs. Benson mentions Carly's move to Italy from iGoodbye and Freddie's crush on her. This is the second episode to mention her after #Pilot.
  • Sam mentioned that she and Jade go to "Karaoke Dokie" from Victorious.
  • Cat does an impression of Robbie, just like she did in Victorious.
  • Freddie was wearing the same jacket he wore in the iCarly episode iLost My Head in Vegas.
  • Sam sings the same song she sung with Cat in their rap battle in the episode #BabysitterWar.
  • Cat mentions that she sometimes forget the three while counting, just like in the Victorious episode "The Worst Couple" and in #MommaGoomer.
  • Freddie refers to his iCarly catchphrase, the fact he doesn't count the one is joked, like sometimes before.
  • Randy from #TextingCompetition and #Twinfection returns.
  • Brody, the spear fisherman from #OscarTheOuch returns and he brought a loaded spear gun again.
  • The fact that Sam and Freddie dated in the iCarly episodes "iDate Sam & Freddie", "iCan't Take It", and "iLove You" is mentioned.
  • Sam and Freddie hint that they still love each other multiple times, referencing their confession of love to each other when they broke up.
  • Beck Oliver from Victorious is mentioned by Nona, and Jade says she is still dating him.
  • Cat mentioned that she kissed Robbie, which was in the Victorious episodes: "Stage Fighting" and "One Thousand Berry Balls".
  • Cat's imitation of Sam's voice is similar to her imitation of Parnell's wife's voice in Victorious episode "Victori-Yes."
  • Cat says, "Will there be meatballs?" and Robbie replying with, "There would" is a reference to the Victorious episode "The Blonde Squad".
  • Sikowitz; Cat, Jade and Robbie's Hollywood Arts High School teacher, from Victorious, who appeared in #MommaGoomer, is mentioned when Cat and Jade are talking about having to do a school assignment for him.
  • Freddie speaks Spanish like he sometimes did in iCarly.
  • Sam calls Freddie "Fredbag", a nickname she called him on iCarly.
  • Freddie asking Cat why Sam got arrested is a reference to Sam's criminal record in iCarly.
  • Sam calls Cat "kid", which is a nickname she previously used to call Carly on iCarly.
  • Before Sam and Cat, Jade and Sam were speculated to hate each other when they met.
  • Jade walks away from people when they talk about things she is not interested in, like she did with Robbie in the Victorious episode, "One Thousand Berry Balls".
  • Jade lightly slaps Sam's backside as they both exit out the doorway of Sam and Cat's bedroom to go and meet Dice at the Fisherman's Wharf. This could possibly be a reference to the iCarly episode "iSaved Your Life" when Carly lightly slaps Sam's backside as they both exit out the doorway of Carly's apartment to film an iCarly webcast at a street.
  • Cat said "You mess with the cat, you get the whiskers", which is a reference to Victorious episode The Breakfast Bunch where Vice Principle Dickers said "You mess with the cow, you get the udders".
  • Bushwell Plaza from iCarly appears.
  • This is the fourth time Freddie has been to Los Angeles. The first was in the iCarly episode "iTake On Dingo", the second was in "iParty with Victorious" and the third was in the Victorious episode "Who Did It To Trina?".
  • This is the second time Freddie is shown importantly injured. The first was in iSaved Your Life.
  • This is the third time Robbie got at the hospital. The two first times were in Cat's New Boyfriend and Tori Gets Stuck.
  • Mrs. Benson saying that Carly will never love Freddie is similar to what Sam said in "iPilot".

International premieres

  • March 10, 2014 (UK and Ireland)
  • March 17, 2014 (Canada)
  • May 1, 2014 (Germany)
  • May 3, 2014 (Poland and Netherlands)
  • May 4, 2014 (Scandinavia)
  • May 9, 2014 (Italy)
  • May 11, 2014 (France)
  • May 16, 2014 (Southeast Asia)
  • May 29, 2014 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • June 10, 2014 (Australia)
  • September 16, 2014 (Quebec)
  • September 25, 2014 (Greece)
  • April 19/26, 2016 (Hungary)


The episode premiered to 4.841 million viewers.[2]