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"Come to Los Angeles!"
Sam to Melanie.

Season 1, Episode 18
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November 16, 2013

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Steve Hoefer


2.386 million[1]

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#Twinfection is the 18th episode of Sam & Cat.


The episode starts with Cat watching TV whilst talking to Nona. Cat is tired of Nona's constant rant about how she fell down the stairs, and begs Nona to stop talking to her. While talking to Nona, Dice sneaks in the apartment from magic camp. Dice shows Cat a magic trick that "magically" changed from an original box with nothing inside it to a box with a rat in it. Cat is amazed at the trick, but is dismayed when Dice tells her he just switched the boxes when Cat wasn't looking at them.

Cat later attempts to do this trick on Sam, but fails. Cat says she can be smarter than Sam, and because of that, Sam spits her drink out.

Dismayed at the thought that Sam thought she wasn't smart, Cat tries to prove that she can be smart by tricking Sam using a pair of twins. When Sam comes back with a tub of Tubba Chicken fried chicken pucks, Cat introduces Sam to one of the twins, Myron. Cat tells Sam that eating from Tubba Chicken makes you get "confused" and it "messes with your brain". Sam takes a bite out of a chicken puck anyway. Sam goes to look for her special chicken plate in their room, where she finds the other twin on her bed. Sam thinks that that was Myron. When Sam comes back to the living room and asks Cat how did Myron go to the room so fast, Cat pretends that she is confused, tells Sam to be careful with the chicken, and goes to the room to see Myron. Myron shows up at the door and acts as if he just came, then Sam almost falls down, surprised. Sam goes back into the bedroom, where Cat found Sam's chicken plate. Sam asks Cat how Myron showed up at the front door. Cat tells Sam that she probably getting affected by the chicken and acts as if she never met Myron before. When Cat takes Myron to meet her stuffed animals, the other twin shows up at the door and Sam falls and becomes scared, causing her to throw her fried chicken out the window. Cat tells Sam what she did to trick her and starts dancing with the twins.

After the twin incident, Sam secretly calls her twin sister, Melanie Puckett and tells Melanie to come to L.A. Melanie is in the middle of exams, but Sam reminded her of the "twin pact", a promise they made when they were five: if they ever needed to trick someone due to the fact that they were identical, they would be there for each other. Melanie agrees to come to L.A. just to trick Cat.

The next morning, Melanie calls Sam to tell her that she arrived in L.A. Sam draws bite marks on her arm and puts a thermometer in her mouth, then wakes up Cat. Sam says that she has a 120 degree fever and that one of the twins might have bit her, and that if you're bitten by a twin, you'll get an evil twin of your own. At first, Cat doesn't believe this and thinks that Sam is trying to retaliate to the prank she pulled on Sam by tricking her. Sam leaves the room and goes outside.

Outside of the apartment, Melanie hides in a trash can and Sam tells Melanie (without Cat) to be evil, cruel, and dangerous to Cat. Later, Melanie comes with her hair all messed up and apparently, she did what Sam told her to do. She pours orange juice on Cat and runs through the sliding glass door. She comes back with a tree branch and begins hitting Cat with it. Cat now believes Sam that she has an evil twin of her own.

Later, at Bots, Cat tells Dice and Goomer what happened. Then, Melanie jumps on their table out of nowhere. She throws French fries at Cat and kisses her. Sam says that a kiss is the same as a bite and she had to do some home remedies to prevent Cat from getting an evil twin.

Sam tricks Cat into drinking dirty sock water, rubbing a smelly fish against her face, and blowing a horn several times. Melanie comes, dressed normally. Sam tells Cat what she did and starts dancing like Cat did earlier and the red-headed twins show up. Cat ends up dancing with Sam and Melanie and the twins.


Cat: Well, what movie did you see?
Sam: Blood Monkeys: Chimpley Strikes Back.
Cat: [gasps] That's rated R!
Sam: So?
Randy: [angrily] That movie messed me up, man!

Melanie: Now, why did I have to come here?
Sam: 'Cause I need to mess with my roommate's head.
Melanie: I'm supposed to be you. [points at Sam]
Sam: No! You're gonna be evil, insane, wild, and dangerous.
Sam: Me...times a hundred.
Melanie: Wait, are you doing that "twinfection" thing?
Sam: Uh-huh.
Melanie: Oh Sam, you know, no one's dumb enough to fall for that.
Sam: [laughs] Let me tell you a little about my roommate. [smiles]

Sam: I tricked Cat, I tricked Cat, I'm so cool 'cause I tricked Cat!
Myron and Byron: [jump up and start dancing]
Sam: I tricked Cat with my twin sister! (Cat: What are-) Her name is Melanie and she's dancing too!
Cat: What are they doing here?
Sam: I don't know!

Cat: Well, I am smart.
Sam: [spits out drink and laughs] Say that again?!?
Cat: I'm smart...
Sam: [spits out drink and laughs again]


  • This episode was in production from June 17th to June 21, 2013.
  • This is the fourth episode that features a shortened opening. The first three were #GoomerSitting, #MommaGoomer, and #RevengeOfTheBritBrats.
  • This is the first time that Sam is not part of the cold opening of the show, but instead Cat and Dice.
  • Curly from The Three Stooges briefly showed up in Bots.
  • Melanie kissed Cat.
    • There was a deleted tweet based on this.
    • This scene appeared on the Nickelodeon Fall 2013 "More" Promo.
  • Sam joked about Cat's A-bra when the latter mentioned "aebracadabra" in the magic trick. In reality, Ariana Grande's cup size is A.
  • This is the second appearance of Melanie as she made an appearance in both iCarly and Sam & Cat.
  • In Sam and Melanie's phone call, Melanie's voice is panned left and Sam's is panned right.
  • In the ending credits, there was what might have been an earlier version of the scene where Sam comes out to see Melanie, where Goomer opens the trash can and sees Melanie, then asks Sam why did she throw herself in trash. Sam makes Goomer run away by yelling there was flying monkeys.
  • This is the first Sam & Cat episode in which Jennette played more than one character.
  • The episode's plot is based on the Doppelgänger phenomenon, in which a living person has a look-alike but with an inverted morality.
  • This is the last appearance of Melanie Puckett in the ICarly franchise, and Sam & Cat.


  • Dice going "M-jiggy!" at the beginning of this episode is a reference to Victorious episode "How Trina Got In" when Sikowitz yelled "M-jiggy!" in Beck's fake flashback.
  • Goomer being more interested in what kinds the juice and tree branch was when Cat was telling her story in Bots is similar to how Sam often reacts.

Character revelations

  • Cat wears an A cup bra.
  • Sam and Melanie had made a "twinpact" when they were five years old that they would help each other when either one of them needed the other to help trick someone.


  • When Sam throws the tub of fried chicken pucks out the window, pay attention to where the tub lands. However, when Sam eats the chicken puck off the floor, the tub is in a completely different place. It couldn't have rolled there because the tub would have bounced. Also, it couldn't have bounced to the spot where you saw it the second time because it would have barely moved.
  • The first time Sam throws the fried chicken out the window, you see one puck land in front of a vase full of roses, but when Sam calls Melanie, the puck is gone.
  • Sam was seen drinking orange juice but when Cat pulls the jug of orange juice out of the fridge, it is full. The orange juice Sam was drinking looked like real orange juice whereas the jug Cat had was a different color and didn't look real.
  • Just when Melanie comes out from under the counter the fridge door closes, but in the next shot it closes again.

Running gags

  • Someone being carried against their will.

Series continuity

  • Sam's twin sister, Melanie Puckett, who appeared in the iCarly episode iTwins, appeared in this episode.
  • Cat still believes in magic just like she did in #DollSitting.
  • Sam calls herself "Momma" again.
  • This is the second time Sam has mistaken Randy for the kid they're babysitting. The first was in #TextingCompetition.
  • This is the first time Sam refuses to eat chicken.
  • This is the first time one of Cat's pranks actually worked.

International premieres

  • February 5, 2014 (Portugal)
  • February 10, 2014 (Spain)
  • February 19, 2014 (Italy)
  • March 1, 2014 (Latin America)
  • March 8, 2014 (Germany, Poland, Netherlands)