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The episode starts off at the apartment

"Man so you're graduating next month huh?" Ally asked

"Yes that is correct." Robbie replied

"Feels like just yesterday I met you for the first time." Freddie said

"Hey what did you do to Rex? Haven't seen him since Christmas." Ally said

"I finally gave him up and put him in storage." Robbie said

"Bet it feels good to give him up huh?" Cat asked

"Yeah it does." Robbie said

"Why did you carry him around anyways?" Mrs. Shapiro asked

"I don't know." Robbie replied

"So what are you going to do when you graduate?" Freddie asked

"Go to college." Robbie replied

"He means what are your plans for the future." Ally said

"Yeah what are you going to do with your life when you graduate?" Freddie asked

"Well I plan to finally marry Cat and maybe have kids with her." Robbie replied

"Aw." Cat and Freddie said

"What makes you think she'll want to have kids?" Mrs. Shapiro asked

"I want to have kids." Cat said

"Freddie what do you plan to do with your life?" Ally asked

"Well after doing iCarly for 5 years, I plan to get myself a job as a director and producer of television shows." Freddie replied

"You would make a great producer." Robbie says

"I am a great one. I was the tech producer of iCarly." Freddie said

"What about you Ally?" Robbie asked

"Hmm?" Ally asked

"What about you Ally?" Cat says

"What are your future plans?" Freddie asked

"Yeah tell us." Mrs. Shapiro says

"I don't have any right now since I'm only 13. But my dream is to become an actor." Ally said

"Well you should go to my school when you hit high school. It'll help you become an actress." Robbie said

"It's the best high school across California." Cat said

"I'll think about it." Ally says

"We're all growing up huh." Freddie said

"Don't remind me." Robbie says

"Wait Cat what are your future plans?" Ally asked

"Oh my plans are to become a big singer and go on tours. And marry Robbie and have kids like he wants to." Cat said

"And we'll make such great parents." Robbie said

"You better be good parents since your parents clearly were not." Mrs. Shapiro said

"Where did the time go?" Freddie asked

"I know right." Ally said

"I can't wait for our future together." Cat said

"Me too Cat." Robbie said

Next on Freddie & Robbie

"Can you believe we're actually graduating?" Tori asked

"We had a lot of good memories here." Beck said

"So we all agree that we're going to Hollywood Arts University for college?" André asked

"I'm so proud of you guys." Lane said

"Man this is our last lunch together." Tori said

"Will we still be friends after we go our separate ways?" Robbie asked

"I'm really going to miss you guys." Sikowitz said

"We are gathered here today to say goodbye to the class of 2014." Helen said

"When I joined this school four years ago, I was lost and confused. I didn't think I would fit in, but someone helped me get through this school. Thank you André Harris for convincing me to stay at Hollywood Arts." Tori said

"Goodbye Hollywood Arts." Jade says

"My grandson is finally a man." Mrs. Shapiro said

"Here's to graduation." Tori said

Everyone clicks their drinks

"Freddie it's me!" Spencer yelled

"Spencer?" Freddie asked

"Carly's coming back to Seattle! How amazing is that?!" Spencer asked

Freddie is left speechless

"Hello?" Spencer asked

"It's great to be back." Carly saying the last line of the series.

The End

Ending Tagline: "I want to have kids." Cat