"I take more selfies."
— Yokvish to Sam and Cat

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Venice, Los Angeles, California


Handy Quick clerk


Handy Quick store

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Officer­ Kelvin
Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine


Cat Valentine (formerly)


Taking selfies


People robbing his ATM machine

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Ryan P. Shrime

Yokvish is a minor recurring character on Sam & Cat. He is the Handy Quick store clerk.



A guy attempted to buy some jerky, but Yokvish was too busy taking selfies. The customer gave up and left while Cat and Sam came in. He called them over so they could check out his selfies. The girls were disgusted with each one so he proceeded to take more while they went to the back where the ATM machine was. He caught part of their conversation and asked what was going on so Sam told him to continue taking selfies. Later in the week, a female customer attempted to buy something, but Yokvish made her take pictures of him instead. He then overheard the ATM machine wheeling out money and caught Cat in the act. He called over Officer­ Kelvin and told him that Cat was the one who was stealing the ATM money. After Sam and Cat caught the wanted criminal, Yokvish was at Sam and Cat's apartment as the police repossess all the stuff that bought with the ATM money. Yokvish decided not to press charges and tries to take a selfie with Officer Kelvin. Sam and Cat are told by the police officer overseeing the repossession that they had to pay him $4,000 for the money they took, but they already spent it. They then found out that the criminal they caught was wanted in three states and the reward for capturing him was $5,000. Cat, Yokvish, and the officers then started singing Cat's messed-up version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", soon to be joined by Dice and Herb.


Yokvish was in the Handy Quick where he was grooming himself in his hand mirror. He was trying to stop Mitch's father from taking all the Blue Dog Soda from his store which doesn't work and ends up taking all the Blue Dog Soda in the back to the confiscation truck.


Yokvish loves taking selfies.


Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine

Sam and Cat stole money from his ATM without Cat knowing that it is meant to steal it, so he made them go to the juvie. Despite that, he did not press charges against them and still accepts them at his store.

Officer­ Kelvin

Officer Kelvin was one of the officers investigating Yokvish's mystery of the stolen ATM money. After the wanted criminal was caught, Yokvish took a selfie with Kelvin (much to the latter's annoyance).



Yokvish: Hey, girls! Heey, girls. Heey, girls.
Cat // Sam: What's up? // Y-eah?
Yokvish: Which of these pictures make me look hot? This? [shows them a selfie]
Sam: No.
Cat: Gross.
Yokvish: This? [shows them another selfie]
Sam: Gross.
Cat: No.
Yokvish: This? [shows them another selfie]
Sam: Ugh.
Cat: Ew.
Yokvish: This? [shows them another selfie]
Sam: Ew.
Cat: Ugh.
Yokvish: [nods] I take more selfies.


  • He appears to be foreign, due to his accent and his lack of correct grammar (as he said "I take more selfies" instead of "I'll take more selfies").
  • He was a victim of unintended crime (as Cat didn't know that taking money from his ATM machine was illegal).


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